Yes, we are offering worldwide shipping now (and it’s free!)

Update: In this one month’s experiment we are happy to receive supports from customers worldwide, however, we also noticed that many countries are expensive for us to provide free shipping without raising the price, so in order to keep our products affordable, we will limit the countries we provide service to to the main 48 ones for now. We will support the rest of the countries in the world in the future, and before then, feel free to shop from our Aliexpress store, where we provide free worldwide shipping.


A month ago we announced the launch of our Aliexpress store, and today we are happy to announce that we can now provide worldwide shipping, and it is free for any orders!

Customers from different countries can now place order directly on our website by choosing the “Worldwide” option in the “Ship to” section of a product detail page. We accept payment from PayPal, and if you don’t have a PayPal account or would like to pay with credit card or debit card, you can checkout with your cards at the PayPal checkout page as a guest. To check out our products, visit this page.

And don’t forget we are providing a $5 discount for orders over $49 for our newsletter subscribers, so subscribe now and save for your international orders!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If worldwide shipping is free, then why keeping the United States / Canada options in the “Ship to” section in the product detail pages?
A: The current “Ship to” actually stands for different locations we are sending the product from. The United States / Canada options stand for the local warehouse in the United States / Canada that can only ship domestically, while the Worldwide option stands for the warehouse in Guangzhou, China, from where we can provide international shipping.

Update: We have added shipping location in the United Kingdom, so customers from the UK can now enjoy the same shipping options.

Q: How does the international shipping affect customers in the United States and Canada?
A: They will be benefited from the extra shipping option. As mentioned above, we have warehouses in three different countries, so when their domestic warehouse run out of stock, customers in the Unites States and Canada can always try the Worldwide shipping option to see if the item is in stock.

Update: The same benefit now applies to UK customers too.

Q: How come the price of worldwide shipping is as affordable as local shipping in the United States and Canada? Is there any catch?
A: Thanks to the rapid growing of China’s rapid growing logistics network, the cost for us to ship to most of the countries internationally is almost as low as local shipping in the United States and Canada, therefore we can keep our price affordable (But of course, some countries are more expensive to ship, so the current free worldwide shipping policy subjected to change in the future. )

The only drawback of the free worldwide shipping is that it takes some time to ship (please refer to our FAQs). We are working on providing faster shipping options for international customers.

Do you have other questions? Pleas feel free to let us know in the comment.

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  1. Mark Chee 22/12/2016 at am1:03


    Its nice to hear that shipping is now free. I Would like to purchase a laptop cooler HV-F2056 (and perhaps other products e.g. speakers) but could not find pricing and purchasing details. How can I purchase this directly from Havit?


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