[Tutorial] How to customize traditional keys of Lammergeier HV-KB346L Gaming Keyboard

14th May 2015

The keys on Lammergeier HV-KB346L Gaming Keyboard do exactly what they are supposed to do: you press "p", you get "p"; you press space bar, you get a space. But what if you what to change the functions of certain keys? What if you want to make "space" become "p" so that you can make pressing "p" easier in certain games? Well, here is how you can do it:

  1. Install the driver, and then restart the computer.
  2. Double click the eagle icon on the task bar to open the “Gaming Keyboard Option” window

  3. Click the game mode you wish to edit (default game mode is Game Mode 1, which is bound to M1 key, and game mode 2 is M2 key) or choose the gaming profile that binds to the current game mode (default gaming profile is profile 1 or 2, depends on the game mode you choose)

  4. Click the key you want to edit on the screen.

  5. In the window that just popped up, press a key or a mouse button to redefine the function of the key. Click “OK” when you finish.

  6. Click “Apply” or “OK” to activate the change.

  7. To use the function, first you need to select the right game mode by pressing M1 or M2 key on your keyboard (The M1 M2 light on the top right of the keyboard will show red or green color), then press the key you just configured on the keyboard, and the function will be performed.