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HAVIT HV-A304U Reise-Steckdosenleiste/Überspannungsschutz mit 3 AC-Ausgängen und 4 USB-Anschlüssen (NEMA 5-15/Typ B)

8 Bewertungen

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Dieses Produkt ist nicht mehr auf HAVIT Online verfügbar


Multifunktionale digitale Ladeleiste

Zusammen mit 3 Steckdosen mit Überspannungsschutz und 4 intelligenten USB-Ladeanschlüssen erfüllt es Ihren Ladebedarf für 4 Mobiltelefone und 3 Tablets gleichzeitig. Es ist einfach zu bedienen und kompatibel mit Apple-, Android-Handys und Tablets.

Sicherheit garantiert

Zertifiziert durch FCC und ROHS. Durch feuerfestes ABS+PC-Kunststoffmaterial ist die Qualität und Leistung der Havit HV-A304U Reise-Steckdosenleiste garantiert.

Separater Netzschalter

Mit dem unabhängigen Netzschalter können Sie den Stromfluss schnell und sicher mit einer einzigen Berührung steuern, zusammen mit dem Schutz vor Überhitzung, Überspannung, Überstrom und Kurzschluss.

Sichtbarer Ladestatus

Mit der LED-Anzeigeleuchte an der oberen Abdeckung können Sie den Ladestatus einfach überprüfen und Ihre Ladegeräte besser verwalten


  • Steckertyp: NEMA 5-15 (Typ B) (verwendet in den USA, Kanada, Japan und anderen Ländern)
  • AC-Steckdosen: 3 AC-Steckdosen
  • USB-Anschlüsse: 4 Anschlüsse
  • Eingang: 100–250 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Nennleistung: 1250 W (125 V, 10 A).
  • Stoßenergie: 1700J
  • Spitzenstrom: 15000 A
  • USB-Ladegerät: 4 x 5 V/2,4 A max. (jeder Anschluss)
  • Nennleistung: 5V 4A 20W
  • Material: feuerfestes ABS + PC-Material
  • Unabhängige Ein-/Aus-Taste: Ja
  • Zertifizierung: FCC, ROHS

HAVIT Globaler Markt

  • 3 Steckdosen mit Überspannungsschutz und 4 USB-Ladeanschlüsse
  • Zertifiziert durch FCC und ROHS
  • Separater Netzschalter
  • Platzsparendes Design, verbesserte Protabilität
  • LED-Anzeige

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Luiz Eduardo Souza

It has good, but it comes with some strange lines in bottom of the mouse (some “risks”, like when u pass a knife into a plastic).
I find the clicks very loud and the scroll kinda hard too, but the sensor has very good and the overall quality has good.
If improve the clicks switches, the scroll and the back shape (reduce the curvature a little in back-bottom) it will be a perfect mouse i think. But im a little sad about these lines in the bottom of mouse, and the click noise (its like a cheap mouse clicky sound) tho.

Christopher M.
Perfect travel power strip

This is my first purchase from this company, and I have to say I am impressed. Let's start with the packaging. For a power strip the packaging was very nice. Nice enough in fact, that I will use it to pack into my luggage for going on trips. The 5 foot long cable gives enough length for reaching the weird locations that you sometimes find hotel room outlets. It feels like the plastic is more durable or stronger than other power strips. The fact that the USB ports can push 2.4 amps means faster charging time on your mobile devices (as long as you use a quality cable). This is perfect for my travel needs as I sleep with a cpap machine and need a few outlets. Not having to bring USB power adapters to charge means I don't need as many outlets, so three is more than enough. Thank you for making a product that fits my needs so perfectly.

Tamara O.
This a fabulous power cord with 4 built in USBs.

It sounds so simple but it reduced the floor space requirements in half from previous cord, not to mention I'm not constantly looking for plug bricks to connect the USBs.This made my life a little better.

Matt Minetzke
Awesome Solution

Whenever I travel with my wife, we are short on electrical outlets. (Between the two of us, we have laptops, Tablets, phones, speakers, battery charger for the camera, and everything else, that wants electricity.) Distributing all of the electronics throughout the room does not make me happy. Bringing this power strip is a clean solution. To the actual hardware: Everything about it works well. High quality plastic, that can take a tumble or two on tile floor. The cord is long enough, but not too long to fill up the suitcase. I use it together with one power adapter on trips to Europe. I am happy with the charging speed of the USB ports. I am recommending it to friends. I consider it a "must have" for anyone that travels.

Maaike Vlaeminck
Top quality

Product arrived very nicely packaged. Looks and feels sturdy. Real happy with the charging speed on the usb outlets, does not seem to get hot like some cheaper power strips do.

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