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HAVIT HV-MS794 Programmierbare Gaming-Maus mit 4000 DPI und RGB-Hintergrundbeleuchtung

9 Bewertungen

Dieses Produkt ist nicht mehr auf HAVIT Online verfügbar


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7 programmierbare Tasten mit Makroeinstellung
Die programmierbare Gaming-Maus HAVIT HV-MS794 bietet Makroeinstellungen über den Treiber. Sie können die Tasten so einstellen, dass sie bestimmte Aktionen in Ihren Spielen nach Ihren Wünschen ausführen.

12 Voreinstellen der RGB-Hintergrundbeleuchtungsmodi
Das Licht der Mauskante (NICHT für Scrollrad und Logo) unterstützt 12 Arten von RGB-Hintergrundbeleuchtungsmodi, einschließlich mehrfarbiger Lichtfluss/Monochrom immer an/atmend/jagend/Neon/mehrfarbig immer an/Blinken/Aufhellen /monochromer Lichtfluss/bunte Welle/einseitige Verfolgung/Lichtmodus ausschalten. Drücken Sie zum Anpassen die „Vorwärtstaste + Scrollrad“.

Professioneller Gaming-Chip
Die programmierbare Gaming-Maus HAVIT HV-MS794 verwendet den hochwertigen professionellen Spielechip AVAGO A3050 und sorgt so für einen schnellen Wechsel zwischen verschiedenen Spielen.

6 Stufen der DPI-Einstellung
Jede der 6 DPI-Stufen (500-1000-1500-2000-3000-4000DPI) verfügt über eine Standardfarbe Rot/Blau/Grün/Violett/Gelb/Cyan, wird mit Scrollrad und Markenlogo angezeigt und unterstützt die Anpassung über das Laufwerk. Bietet einen perfekten Empfindlichkeitsbereich und eine reibungslose Cursorsteuerung

Ergonomisches Design
Bequem für lange Nutzungs- und Spielzeiten, schweißhemmende Technologie, ausgestattet mit rutschfestem Scrollrad

Unterstützt Windows 2000/ME/XP/7/8/10/Vista-System für programmierbare Nutzung, Mac/Linux für normale Nutzung (HINWEIS: Die programmierbare Funktion wird für Mac und Linux nicht unterstützt)


  • Größe: 130,4 * 71,6 * 41,6 mm
  • Schlüsselnummer: 7
  • Chip: A3050
  • Auflösung: 500-1000-1500-2000-3000-4000DPI
  • Schnittstellentyp: USB
  • Spannung: 5 V ± 10 %
  • Strom: 80mA (MAX)
  • Kabellänge: 1,8 m

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  • 7 programmierbare Tasten mit Makroeinstellung
  • 12 Voreinstellen der RGB-Hintergrundbeleuchtungsmodi
  • AVAGO A3050 Chipsatz
  • Bis zu 4000 DPI

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Amazing Quality, Even Better Price

I got this mouse on Amazon, like..., five years ago? Did I get lucky or what. I like the weight of the mouse, it feels like it won't flip over when I move it quickly when playing PC games, which I love. The shape is ergonomically sound and very comfortable to hold. The RGB is super pretty and I love the quality of the lighting on this mouse, it is vibrant and transitions smoothly. I didn't care about the mouse I was buying five years ago, but now that I've used friends' computer mouses, at random times when I didn't have my own with me, and I realize how lucky I am to have this one. I seriously love it.

Maarten Vlieger

Looks and feels awesome! Just a bit loud, but that's personal preference.

Great for the price

I got one of these last year on a promotion and I have to say that for the money it is a great mouse. It doesn't do the same things my $50 mouse does, but for $21 you're looking at an excellent mouse. If you're on a budget but want a solid gaming mouse, this is a great choice. I like that the software lets you change up the LEDs and stuff, but even more importantly is you can set a bunch of different DPI settings which ever get color coded so you can look at the mouse and know which one you're on. The only way t improve this mouse would be to add the kind of DPI button the Corsair M65 has, but that's a matter of personal preference. That said, I'm glad I use one of these on my spare computer for older games.

Ismail Karym
Best company so far

I really like this company and it's items, I already have a gaming headset that works great, feels great, and now the mouse is the best mouse I've ever used I really recommend all you products to my friends and people who ask me for advice, and I'm sure that this is not the last time I'll buy something from you. thank you so much for the great products and the great service :)

That G.
Pretty neat.

Not alot of mice catch my fancy, but this one I got immediately. Rather cheap for a mouse, fit my grip, sleek, comfortable, and RGB. I really like this thing. Only one problem, though... not with the performance or grip or feel, its just... I can't really seem to turn off the lights. The logo, the scroll wheel, and the trim all glow, and I can't seem to turn them off... Even in the trim's off setting, which is programmed into the configuration with the buttons, it doesn't completely turn off and glows a nice light red. It seems to be off, kinda off, but it still glows and I find it rather irritating because it is in the "off" setting, shouldn't it be off? I can deal with that, but can you please give a setting that turns off all the lights on it? Thank you for making this wonderful mouse, and if this sorta stuff doesn't really bother you, this mouse is for you! nice feel, good look, get it if you like it. I got mine in japan, and now use it alongside my other mouse as a normal use mouse. Not it's sole purpose, but it works really well. My other one, I use for gaming and the like. I keep both of them plugged in, but the other one turns off when the computer is off, so I need to unplug it if I wanna get the lights off. Real good mouse, and the lighting is all I grieve. Have a nice day! Bye!

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