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HAVIT HV-BT017 Transmetteur FM et chargeur de voiture avec deux ports et 3,4 A

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Ce produit n'est plus disponible sur HAVIT Online


Diffusez de l'audio mobile sur votre autoradio

L'émetteur FM Bluetooth et le chargeur de voiture HV-BT017 peuvent transmettre des fichiers audio depuis des appareils mobiles vers le système stéréo de la voiture via un signal radio FM. Canaux complets en option de 87,5 à 108,0 MHz.

Appels mains libres

Micro intégré, chat vocal mains libres, libérez vos mains pendant que vous répondez aux appels et vous permet de conduire en toute sécurité.
Un bouton pour un contrôle multifonctionnel, y compris la chanson pré/suivante, pause/lecture, réponse/rejet des appels.

Deux ports USB

L'émetteur FM Bluetooth et le chargeur de voiture HV-BT017 prennent en charge le chargement de deux appareils simultanément. Le port USB : B peut servir de lecteur USB afin que vous puissiez écouter de la musique à partir du disque USB.

Forte compatibilité

Prend en charge tous les types d'appareils tels que Apple iPhone 7/7+/SE/6s, Samsung Galaxy, iPad et autres smartphones et tablettes, unités GPS, iPod, lecteurs MP3 et plus encore.

Universel pour tous types d'appareils

Apple iPhone 7/7+/SE/6s, iPads Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, autres smartphones et tablettes, unités GPS, iPods, lecteurs MP3 et plus encore.


  • Version Bluetooth : JL 2.1
  • Protocole Bluetooth : AVRCP, HFP, A2DP
  • Affichage de l'écran : affichage numérique LED jaune.
  • Gamme de fréquences : 87,5-108,0 MHZ
  • Stabilité de fréquence : ± 10 ppml
  • Distance de transmission FM : environ 5 m
  • Distance Bluetooth: environ 10 m
  • Entrée du produit : 12-24 V.
  • Sortie du chargeur : 5 V/3,4 A.
  • Format de musique : MP3
  • Micro :∮4,0 MM*1,5 MM
  • USB (capacité maximale): 32 Go
  • USB : FAT32
  • Poids du produit : 34 g
  • Dimensions du produit : L34 * W34 * H86 mm

Emballage inclus:

  • 1x émetteur FM Bluetooth
  • 1x manuel d'utilisation

Marché mondial HAVIT

  • Transmettez des fichiers audio depuis des appareils mobiles vers le système stéréo de la voiture via FM
  • Micro intégré
  • Un seul bouton
  • Deux ports de chargement USB

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Pierre St-Gelais
Perfect office mouse

So far so good!
Good ergonomic design.
I switched from a regular mouse to the Havit and pain in my wrist is slowly going down.
Good precision.
Excellent choice for the money!

Michaela J.
Easy and great to use

I really like this item so far. It does everything that it's supposed to do. I like how it is dual purposed. I am able to use hands free calling which works great. Also I'm able to keep my phone charged and even use a USB to play my music on it. It's very easy to connect with my phone's Bluetooth. I highly recommend this product.

Marica B.
Best thing i have bought!!

I love to listen to my music when I drive but I have an older car with no Aux/Bluetooth capabilities, etc to play music on my phone in my car. I've tried other transmitters from Best Buy and stuff, even ones that costed upwards of $50 and they've all let me down. But not this one. The sound I get out of this transmitter is crystal clear. The Bluetooth is super handy for keeping my car free of cords and the hands-free calling works beautifully. Even when I have the volume way up, this product still delivers a clear sound. $17 is practically stealing for how good this works. I love streaming my music and it does great.I would highly recommend.I did get a discount for my unbiased opinion.

Tabetha K.
I finally have my music back!!!

Anyone who knows me knows​ how much I love my music. They also know I have this beast of an Aztek that's not exactly tech friendly. Don't get me wrong, I love my stereo. It has a great sound. It came equipped with a cassette deck *and* CD player, which, for a 2001, was quite a luxury. But, in 2018 cassettes and CDs are pretty obsolete. I don't have a Bluetooth connection. I don't even have an auxiliary jack. So I bought a cassette adapter. You know, one of those things that you pop into your cassette deck and plug into your phone so you can play your music through your radio? That worked great. Until it didn't. Now it's stuck in the cassette deck. Ughh. So then I started driving around with a Bluetooth speaker in my car. Totally not the same. And what a pain dragging that everywhere. Just one more thing to have to leave the house with. Then I came across this gizmo. A Bluetooth FM Transmitter by Havit. I love the name of the company. I Havit. You Havit. Gotta Havit. Okay, anyway... As long as you have a phone with a Bluetooth connection, a working cigarette lighter port, and an FM radio, you can play music from your phone through your car. Ahhh modern technology! I was soooo excited when this came in the mail. When I got it to my car and plugged it into my lighter port, nothing happened. Guess how bummed I was. I have a second port in my backseat for charging, so I tried that one. It powers there. Not sure what the issue is with my lighter port. But, good to know it doesn't have to be the *lighter* port specifically. Any 12v car port will do. Pairing with my phone was simple. Just turn on my Bluetooth and search. It easily found the transmitter, and a voice told me they were paired. I matched the transmitter and my stereo to a station that wasn't in use and BAM I once again had my playlist in my speakers. Happy day!! :) It has a couple USB ports on it for charging, so that's handy. It also has a built in mic, so it doubles as a hands free for your phone calls. Th...

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