“Haters gonna hate, hate, hate” – celebrities know all too well about being hated, and I bet you do too if you are posting PDA (Public Displays of Affection) selfies all the time. Now here’s a chance to get back at those who hate your PDAs: you need to post photos of your sweetest PDA – so sweet that turns your friends into haters – for a chance to win a set of HAVIT mobile photography kit. Imagine how funny it will be when all your friends crazily mad at you because of your PDAs! 

Post photos in your own timeline on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #HatedPDA to enter. Photo that has the most comments that include the word “hate” (in any tense) wins. Click here to read the detailed rules.

Winner will be announced on Feb 14th, 2016

May the most disturbing jerks win!




About the Prize:

HAVIT Mobile Photography Kit – See Things from A Different Angle

Depending on winner’s cellphone model or his/her will, winner can choose to get either iPhone 6/6S kit (HV-MPC03 Lens + HV-MPC04 Lens + HV-BTM27 Selfie Stick) or Universal kit (HV-MPC01 Lenses + HV-BTM27 Selfie Stick + 70 USD or same value of GBP or Euro Off Unlimited Havit Online/Amazon Coupon)

Option 1: iPhone 6/6S kit

Option 2: Universal kit



Unlimited Store Wide Havit Online/Amazon Coupon that takes 70 USD or equal value of GBP or Euro off

Why HAVIT Online

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