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HAVIT Membership Program

Earn Points, Play Games, Win Rewards!

HAVIT Membership Program is a member-only program that provides opportunities to win awesome rewards. By playing small games, members have opportunities to win Credits that can be used to purchase products on HAVIT Online! Here are the rules:

How to Enter

  1. Register an account or Log in
  2. Earn “Points” (Pt) by finishing tasks specified below
  3. Use Points to play a small game to win “Credits” (Ct)
  4. Use Credits to buy products on HAVIT Online, or exchange them to coupons (coming soon)

Tasks to Earn Points

  • Register an account (Pt 300) (Awarded to existing members, so no need to register again)
  • Purchase any product (Pt 500) (Starting from April 28)
  • Subscribe to Newsletters (Pt 300) (Please check your email for the Point codes we sent)
  • Leave an approved product review (Pt 100) (Starting from April 28)(Review doesn’t have to be positive to be approved, but must be original and helpful to other customers)
  • Register your HAVIT products purchased from other website (Pt 100, 3 times per month) (Starting from April 28)
  • Redeem “Point Codes” sent along with some of our newsletters (Amount varies)


Q: What is Points and what is Credits

A: Points are your tickets to play the Scratch & Win game, and Credits are your prize. You can use your Credits to redeem any products on HAVIT Online.

Q: How does the Scratch & Win game works?

A: It’s like most of other scratch card games: you scratch the card and you have a chance to win prize. Each card takes Pt 100, and each will provide a chance to win up to Ct 30 that equals US$ 30 on HAVIT Online. Each card set has a limited amount of cards, and if a card set runs out of cards, you have to wait for it to be refilled, so use your Points while cards are still available!

Q: How do I view my balance?

A: After you registered an account, you can view them in the “Points & Credits” section of your account.

Q: What if I have more question?

A: Please contact [email protected]

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