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Introducing HAVIT TWS Truly Wireless Earbuds

The earbuds that gives you ultimate cable-less freedom

Audio wire and cable, which is sometimes referred to as “leash” around your neck, seems to be an inevitable cost you have to put up with when enjoying music privately – until today.

Introducing the HAVIT TWS Wireless Earbuds, the earbuds that free you from the uncomfortableness of wired earbuds and headphones.

Totally no wire. No string attached

Shake-Free Ear Paddings

Lipstick-Size Earbuds Container + Wireless Charger + Backup Battery

Latest Bluetooth 4.2 Technology

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Completely Wireless

There’s no one single wire on the earbuds, not even those between the buds. You will no longer chained by the wire around your neck, so just put them on and focus on whatever you are doing, instead of the earbuds.

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Ultimate Portability

The earbuds have a “home”, which is as small as a lipstick.  With the help of magnetic connectors, the lipstick-size charging case hold both earbuds in one place. You just have to put your earbuds into the charging case, and take the charging case with you.

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A Shake-Free Snug

HAVIT TWS Truly Wireless Earbuds provide multiple size of rubber insert cushions to accustom to different size of ears, so they can securely fit into your ears.

Intuitive Charging

Charging the HAVIT TWS Truly Wireless Earbuds will be as simple as putting them into the charging tube. With the help of wireless charging technology, your earbuds will be charged once they are inserted into the charging tube, which can fully charge the earbuds 3 times even when not connecting to power source.

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Mini Size, Major Sound

The HAVIT TWS is designed to be miniature in size but not in sound. These amazing earbuds are packed with high quality audio that you are going to find impressive. And as there’s no wire at all, you will no longer suffer from the noise generated from the wire scraping your clothes (The “Stethoscope” effect).

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Latest Bluetooth V4.2

Backed by Bluetooth 4.2, the latest Bluetooth technology in the market, the HAVIT TWS Wireless Earbuds provide lower power consumption, faster data transmission, and more stable connection.

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Basic Information
Bluetooth version: V4.2
Earbud: 3g
Case: 23g
Charger Dimension: Φ19x80mm
Earbud Dimension: Φ18x22mm
Wireless working range: 8M (without obstacles)
Profiles supported: A2DP, HFP, HSP, AVRCP

Speaker Specifications
Driver Diameter: 6mm
Impedance: 16Ω
Sensivitity: 91dB+-3dB

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Earbud Battery
Capacity: 40mah
Material: Polymer
Talking Time: 3-5 hrs
Play time: About 3 hrs
Charging to 100%: 1 hour
iPhone battery display: Supported

Case Battery
Material: Polymer
Capacity: 250mah
Charge to 100%: 2 hrs

havit tws truly wireless earbuds

We’ll let you know once it is released

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