More Than Dad Jokes: What Popular Imgur Posts Tell Us About Dads
As Father's Day is around the corner, we decided to go "off the topic" this week and talk about fathers. When searching for "dad" on Google, one of the most popular term would be "dad jokes", so it looks like dads are really good at telling jokes. But obviously it takes more than telling jokes to be a father. We collected some popular Imgur posts about dads to see what the classic dad look like in people's eyes.

To begin with, dads are known for their sense of humor...

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dad jokes yo

... They are accountable

Girl on Mastercard gets her dad to open up a jar for her when she's under pressure

... They are creative

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... They love sports

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... They love dancing

While his two daughters were dancing to "whip whip, nae nae," Mississippi dad Mike Jones decided to sneak up from behind and dance., this is one of the GIFs I made and originally posted on my G+. was a little too big of a file to share on G+ so I decided to start Imgur... basically first timer here :)

... They love animal

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... But most of all, they love people they care about, and can do amazing things they don't even know they are capable of

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... To their children, they are always a hero

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@AndrewSummers pointed out the man in the photo is Ben Wise in the US Special forces. If you want to read the back story it's pretty touching. Here's the article The Washington Post wrote about the family: heres @AndrewSummers post from usersub to @TheUnfortunateMan for the info

... And they always stay young on the inside

Daughter teaches dad to selfie
Parents took a trip around the US. My dad is a child

Thank you, dad and dads.

Dad Vader
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