What We Are Going to Offer in 2017
Happy New Year everyone, did you have a great holiday, and have you made your new year resolution yet? At HAVIT besides making more great products for our customers, we have also decided to provide more great deals too. Here are some of the deals we are going to offer in 2017:
  1. HAVIT Supporter Rewards. If you are reading this, then you must be a HAVIT Supporter :) If so, be sure to subscribe to our newsletters, because every two weeks we will giveaway prizes to one or more of our newsletters subscribers. As we speak, we are offering US$100 PayPal credits to one of our subscribers as the first giveaway of this series of events.The HAVIT Supporter Rewards will be opened to most of our shipping countries except for Laos
  2. Amazon giveaways. Yes, more giveaways! We will give away one or more of our products using Amazon Giveaway feature. Unlike HAVIT Supporter Rewards, these giveaways are not regular, but we will send notice though our social media accounts and newsletters, so be sure to follow us or subscribe to newsletters first.
  3. Discounts on both Amazon and HAVIT Online. Like Amazon giveaways, discounts of our products are not regular, but our newsletters subscribers can always get first-hand notice about the deals we are offering
  4. More? Starting from 2017 we will have our promotions listed on the Promotions page, so if you prefer find promotions manually instead of receiving notice, this is the page you should check regularly
So those are the promotions we can come up with for now. How do you like them? And what else would you like us to offer? Let us know in the comment.

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