What We've Changed on Prohavit.com to Make Your Shopping Merrier
Happy holiday dear HAVIT fans! Some of you might have already noticed, but we just wanted to make it official – we have made a few changes on our website. So before start do your last minute shopping, allow me to introduce our new benefits:

We now ship to 161 countries instead of 50

By working with reliable shipping carriers like Singapore Post and DHL, we are now able to expand our shipping network to 161 countries worldwide. To view the full list of our shipping countries, please visit this page.

We lowered some of the product prices in international shipping

Comparing to domestic shipping, international shipping will take longer to arrive, but as we do not need to pay for the warehouses and local carriers, it allows us to provide products in even more affordable prices. Now that we have upgraded our system, we are able to charge different prices for domestic and international orders. If you prefer a lower price, please choose the “Any Shipping Country (Directly from HAVIT via International Shipping)” option in the “Ship to” section; and if you prefer a faster delivery, and you are from either Canada, European Union (currently Croatia is not supported in domestic shipping), Russia, United Kingdom or United States, please choose the corresponding option. There is express shipping option in the Any Shipping Country as well, but it will be more expensive than domestic shipping. To learn more about our shipping options, please visit this page. This is the option that saves money for you This is the option that saves money for you[/caption] Please note that not all international options are cheaper, because some domestic options are cheap enough. So how do you find cheap international options real quick? Just look for the "From:" text before the prices on our catalogs, it tells you that the price of this product varies from options to options. Examples are below: 

We removed the need for paying taxes up front for international shipping orders

The prices on our website are exclude taxes, and we used to charge for taxes like import tax and VAT up front to meet customs requirement in some countries. But some customers worries that they might get charged twice by us and the customs, so today we have remove the need for paying taxes up front for international orders. This will make the final prices of international shipping orders look lower in some countries, especially European countries, and avoid being charged twice by us and the customs. Please note that this does not mean you don’t need to pay for taxes any more, it just mean you instead of us will be paying for the taxes if they are due. The carrier will contact you if you are required to pay for taxes. And for domestic shipping orders in EU countries, you’ll still need to pay for 20% of VAT as it was already paid by us.

Russia domestic shipping option is online; more is coming

As mentioned above, domestic shipping is faster than international shipping, and a few weeks ago we have added another domestic shipping option – Russia. Now Russia customers can enjoy a 4-10 Business Days of free domestic shipping, and pay with Qiwi, the local payment method. And we are also going to add more domestic shipping option in the future, and the closest one is Australia. We will be testing Australia domestic shipping with some products, once we are ready, we will be fully launch it in Australia. What do you think of our changes, and what you do think we should change? Please let us know in the comment.

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