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HAVIT KB393L Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo 104 Keys with Rainbow Backlit

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Color: Black
Layout: US Layout (QWERTY)
Prezzo scontato$49.99 USD
This product is no longer available on HAVIT Online


Mechanical Keyboard and Gaming Mouse

The backlit of KB393L (or HV-KB393L) Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo is switchable among the pre-setting light effect modes (21 different light modes for the keyboard, 7 modes for the mouse). The brightness and light-changing speed are adjustable. Support to customize and record 3 groups of backlit modes.

Professional Blue Switches Anti-Ghosting Keyboard

The classical blue switch design provides a "clicky" and tactile feedback, deliver accurate, responsive key commands for typing and gaming. 100% anti-ghosting gaming keyboard with full key rollover, your perfect choice for different games.

Gaming Mouse

With 6 DPI levels available and a high-precision positioning game engine for accurate positioning and stable transmission, can easily adjust the DPI from 800-1600-2400-3200-4000-4800 DPI to match the mouse speed instantly for different game scenarios.

Durability & Ergonomic Comfort

The high-quality Aluminium alloy top case ensures longer product life. The suspended keycap keyboard and skin-friendly surface mouse provides a comfortable games and typing experience for long time.

Keyboard Mouse Combo Support

Features 12 multimedia key combinations.Universally works with Windows, Linux, Chrome and MAC OS system. (*Note: the multimedia shortcut key combinations are not available in MAC/ Linux system.)

HAVIT HV-KB393L Rainbow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo for PC Computer and Laptop

Mechanical Keyboard Blue Switch:

1. Colorful & changeable lighting with 21 different backlit modes

2. 12 multimedia shortcut key combinations (Fn + F1 ~ F12)

3. Premium quality, comfortable for typing and playing games

4. User-friendly design, no driver needed, plug and play

5. All 104 buttons supported by anti-ghosting, WIN key locked for the best gaming experience.

6. Optimized design on keys for rapid command entry

7. Switchable game modes and office work mode

Gaming mouse

1. 6 gears of speed :800-1600-2400-3200-4000-4800 DPI

Circular and colorful breathing light effect, and with DPI switch flashing indicator function:

800 DPI(green),1600 DPI(purple),2400 DPI(blue),3200 DPI(red),4000(cyan),4800(yellow)

2. 7 kinds of light effect:Breathing mode;Colorful Streaming mode;Rainbow mode;Floe light mode;Waltz mode;4-Seasons mode;LED OFF

3.The RGB light mode can be adjusted by “LED switch button”.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Miguel A.

I would like to know if the model is hot swap or not?


Great keyboard but want mine to be one solid color. Tried to research for ways to change it none have worked soo hard.
Can anyone help me


Unfortunately the keyboard KB393L does not support fix to a soild color, the keys are not individually lit, there are just seperate zones for each color.

HAVIT Support Team

Khoa Huynh

HAVIT KB393L Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo 104 Keys with Rainbow Backlit

kinda cute

my friend got this and he said it was low key kinda good and cute he like how the keys feel but the rgb does not reach the whole keyboard so thats one sus thing and the mouse feels kinda sussy ya feel but thats about it.

Satisfying noise and tactility

Bought this keyboard off of amazon for half the price a couple months ago because I was upgrading PC components, and the then membrane "mechanical like" keyboard I had wasn't really doing it for me performance wise; I realized I wanted either a blue or red switched keyboard when I heard about this one online. I am also a computer science student so it is very relaxing to listen to when I'm stressed out over a syntax or coding issue in python. Definitely responds better! The mouse was also a pretty neat bonus considering I play third person multiplayer games a lot and the higher DPI makes it easier to turn away from or focus enemies.

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