HAVIT® HV-245U 3-Port 5A /25W (2.4A 2.1A 1A) Aluminum Panel Rapid USB Car Charger

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Product Specifications

USB 1 – 5V/2.4A
USB 2 – 5V/2.1A
USB 3 – 5V/1A

Products Features
1.Compact design with color LED power indicator .
2.Works with iPad, iPod, iPhone and all USB devices .
3.Available USB ports allows charging up to a total of 3 devices simultaneously.
4.Overvoltage/Current & Short-Circuit Protection
5.Certified CE, ROHS listed


Safety Tip #1: No not place in high humidity, in/around water or in any very hot/cold environment.
Safety Tip #2: It’s normal for this device to be warm when in use.

Full 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

All HAVIT products are built to the highest quality standards and we stand behind our products with a full 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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