HAVIT HV-CB1011 Multifunctional Smart Cable with Female/Male OTG USB Ports

HAVIT HV-CB1011 Multifunctional Smart Cable with Female/Male OTG USB Ports

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Top Features

– Upload data to your phone from any USB drive
– Quickly change modes on USB functions by switching from the MALE to FEMALE inserts and receiving options.
– Transfer any high quality pictures from your camera to your smart phone and share on social media immediately
– Fit all Android phones with OTG functions.  Also charge you iPhone
– Inter-charge your phone via a second phone. No need to worry about forgetting to bring your power bank
– Connect a game controller to your phone for an all around better gaming experience
– Connect a keyboard to your smart phone. Allows easy typing; work from your phone with ease
– Easily connect with projectors and other multimedia devices
– Connect a mouse to your smart phone
– Transfer files (music, photos, etc.) between phones
– Transfer pictures from your smart phone to a printer for quick, easy printing
– Fine Nylon Threading + Sleek, Smooth Finish Aluminum




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