HAVIT T1 Micro-USB OTG Adapter

HAVIT T1 Micro-USB OTG Adapter


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  • Connect thumb drive, usb keyboard, mouse or game controller to your mobile phone
  • Small size that fits in your pocket
  • Transfer file from / to mobile phone without connecting to computer

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With Havit T1 Micro-USB OTG Adapter, you can connect your micro USB OTG capable tablet computer/smartphone from male micro USB port and add the devices to female USB port, such as flash drive, card reader, mouse, game controller or a keyboard, etc.

What Can Havit T1 Micro-USB OTG Adapter Do?
If you connect a thumb drive to your OTG capable smartphone/tablet/e-Reader, it will offer you an efficient and convenient way to download pictures/ transfer data/view files. You can watch video on thumb drives or improve the efficiency by downloading pictures, transferring data directly without using a computer.

For Gamers
Connect the T1 Micro-USB OTG Adapter with mouse or game controller, allowing you to play games whenever you like and turn your phone/tablet into a computer console.

For People Who Like Binge-watching
It can free you from worrying the storage of our smartphone or tablet, so you can watch any TV series you love.

For People Who Enjoy Chatting Online
Connecting our OTG adapter with keyboard would be a good choice, which will reduce the limit of typing on the phone screen and let you have a more pleasant experience when chatting with others.

Technical Features
– Ultra-compact, easy carrying and space saving, perfect for travelling or business trip.
– Funky-fresh faux-metallic finish (adopt ABS material) and exquisite spray paint make excellent texture and good durability.
– Oxidation resistance. No rust.
– Compliant Devices: Fully compatible with all micro USB connector mobiles and tablets with OTG function, such as Samsung Galaxy or Note series phones and tablets, Google Nexus series, HTC, etc.

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Weight0.009 kg
Dimensions9.4 x 5.59 x 0.76 cm


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