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HAVIT MS760 Pro Gaming Mouse with 12000 DPI, Interchangeable Side Plates, Customizable RGB Backligts (Upgraded Version)

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Designed for the top-notch gamers, the HAVIT MS760 Pro Gaming Mouse provides precision, flexibility and comfort. With up to 12000 DPI, the HAVIT MS760 Pro Gaming Mouse helps you aiming your target with short mouse movement. On the left side, you can switch between a back-forward-fire plate and a 9-button mmo gaming mouse plate; on the right side, you can choose from two different size of plates to match your palm size and mouse-holding style. You can also program the buttons and the RGB backlight modes with the mouse to match your style and gaming enviornment.

Replaceable Left Plates for Gaming Styles
Option 1: Use the panel with forward, backward and fire button. This option is suitable for web browsing, MOBA and FPS games

MS760 Pro Gaming Mouse 3 button left plate
MS760 Pro Gaming Mouse 3 button left plate, ideal for FPS and MOBA

Option 2: use the panel with extra 6 buttons (S1-S6), then you can program 14 buttons to make performing in-game actions much faster. This option is suitable for MMO RPGs and games with multiple shortcuts

MS760 Pro Gaming Mouse 9 button left plate
MS760 Pro Gaming Mouse 9 button left plate, ideal for MMO RPG

2 Interchangeable Right Plates for Ergonomic Comfort
The replaceable right panel is suitable for both big and small hands, adopts skin friendly smooth materials and ergonomic shape to help reduce hands fatigue.

MS760 Pro Gaming Mouse flat right plate
MS760 Pro Gaming Mouse flat right plate
MS760 Pro Gaming Mouse ergonomic right plate
MS760 Pro Gaming Mouse ergonomic right plate

10 RGB Lighting Modes + Customizable Colours
Choose between the 10 RGB lighting modes to make your mouse stands out from others. Press "backward" button + "scroll wheel" button to switch among 10 different unique RGB pre-setting light modes or switch the light off. The light colour, brightness level, breathing speed and effect can be changed to suit your needs through the driver.

The lighting modes include:

  • Colorful Streaming mode;
  • Steady mode;
  • Breathing mode;
  • Tail mode;
  • Neon mode;
  • Colorful Steady mode;
  • Flicker mode;
  • Stars twinkle mode;
  • Wave mode;
  • Lights out

High Precision & 6 Adjustable DPI
DPI levels from 1200 to 12000(adjust through driver at your need) ensure fast and precise movement during different games. Polling rate: 125/ 250/ 500/ 1000 Hz.

6 default DPI settings: 1200(red)-2400(green)-4800(blue)-6200(yellow)-8000(cyan)-12000 DPI(purple). Customizing DPI indicator light to RGB colours is supported.

The HAVIT MS760 Pro Gaming Mouse is Plug & Play, so you can use the basic mouse features by simply plug it into computer. If programming needed, please download the driver. Note: Programming function is NOT supported under Mac/ Linux system.


  • Model Number: MS760/MS900
  • Mouse Dimensions: 127*72*39mm
  • Key Number: 8/ 14 Buttons
  • DPI Resolution: 1200-2400-4800-6200-8000-12000DPI
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Current: 100mA
  • Cable Length: 1.7m

Package Included

  • 1x Wired Gaming Mouse
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Happy Card

This product is no longer available on HAVIT Online.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love it

i have this mouse for about 1 year at first i had software problems but i fixed them and now that i can change the dpi,program the keys and changing the colors i really love it for a mouse that weights 125g it great it might be on the heavy side but it again great. I bought it of amazon

Preston (Devasin)
Best most Cost Effective Mouse

This has been the best mouse I have ever purchased. With the interchangeable plates for both sides and the simple to use software to be able to configure the button, this mouse is a must have! I typically stick with the 3 button configuration on the left side but at any moment I can switch them without issues, while still in game. The mouse is made mostly of Plastic though it has a good weight to it, no option for other weight but that is something I've honestly never used. The only minus I would say is something that is almost standard with mice these days, the cord can seem to be stiff but easy to work around.

You are the greatest company to ever exist. Thank you

I really love your mouse, this is such a great design. the magnets are a good design as well. the program is perfect and well designed.

Thank you to you the company and the developer teams.

Luke Chaston
Exelent quality, Average price.

My overall experience is great! I have used this mouse for 1 day and loved every second of it. ALL the buttons are completely customizable. The light patterns are completely customizable once you have downloaded the software. I have not heard of the brand before but after buying this mouse I will be keeping an eye out for more gaming gear to come. the feel is high quality and the ability to change the sides of the mouse is very easy (magnetic attachments) but feels very sturdy so will not detach itself accidentally. using the software, you can also customize the dpi that you want at each level and what color you want that level to be. I would expect a much higher price for this mouse. definitely top-end. I honestly can't think of any other feature to add.

Really well done to the development team with this.

Jordan K.

Great mouse. Nothing else to say

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