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HAVIT HV-KB378L RGB Mechanical Keyboard with Blue Switches, NKRO

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Build-in Gaote / Outemu Blue mechanical key switches, Feel the Difference

Built with the all-new blue mechanical switches, the HAVIT HV-KB378L RGB Mechanical Keyboard helps you take your game to the next level with more speed and precision. Provide a combination of great gaming performance with tactile feedback and an audible click for typing.

Full Anti-ghosting, Designed for Performance Gaming

Full key anti-ghosting mechanism for all systems, perfect signal quality no matter how fast you play

Adjustable multiple RGB backlit modes

Press Fn + INS 1, HOME 2, PGUP 3, DEL 4, END 5 and PGDN to change backlit modes, including unique rainbow color arrow flow mode and key-by key color customization

5 levels of brightness and color changing speed

Indicator: the LEDs of the number lock, scroll, and Capital lock will flash for 5 times

Easy-to-reach multimedia keys

The HAVIT HV-KB378L RGB Mechanical Keyboard provides Windows Key lock for gaming, multimedia controls for entertainment, email and calculator

(Note: RGB mechanical keyboards take a bit more power than the traditional keyboards, it would be better for them to work with desktop since some older USB 2.0 laptops may not be able to provide enough output. Similarly, it may work better with USB ports locating at the back of the computer case than those in the front.)

Full 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


  • 447.5mm x 217mm x 39.3mm
  • Cord Length: 1.8 m/70.87 inches
  • Standard Keys: 104
  • Key Switch: Blue switch
  • Operating Force: 60±15g
  • Travel(Total): 4.0±0.2 mm
  • Net Weight: 1117 g±15 g
  • N-key-rollover: Support
  • USB interface: USB full speed 2.0
  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Compatibility: Windows Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10/Mac OS/Linux


Product Comparison

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HV-KB395L / HV-KB390L KB487L HV-KB432L KB851L KB512L KB500L HV-KB435L
Type Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical
Switch Kailh PG1350 Blue / Red Switch Jixian Red Switch Otemu Blue Switch Jixian Blue Switch Jixian Blue Switch HOT-SWAPPED Gateron Optical Brown Switches Otemu Blue Switch
Number of Keys 104 / 87 89 104 89 71 64 87
Programmable Yes No No No No Yes No
Keycaps Low Profile PBT Keycaps PBT Keycaps Exchangable keycaps

Translusent, Double Shot PBT keycaps

Double Shot Keycaps

Exchangable keycaps Exchangable keycaps
Keyboard Thickness 0.89 Inch (22.5mm) 1.59 Inch (40.5mm) 1.38 Inch (35mm) 1.54 Inch (39mm) 1.43 Inch (36.3mm) 1.81 Inch (46mm) 1.41 Inch (35.8mm)
Backlit RGB / LED, Customizable N/A RGB, Customizable / LED Predefined RGB modes Predefined LED modes RGB, Customizable RGB, Customizable
Cable Detachable USB Cable Wired Wired Wired Detachable USB Type-C Cable Detachable USB Type-C Cable Wired
Multimedia Functions No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Other Features


  • Retro Design
  • Compact keyboard with Number Pad
Detachable Wrist Rest

Compact keyboard with Number Pad


  • Extra Brown Switches provided
  • Waterproof

This product has been upgraded to KB462L

  • Gaote / Outemu Blue mechanical key switches
  • N Key Rollover
  • Adjustable multiple RGB backlit modes
  • Multimedia keys
  • Aluminum Alloy cover
  • UPC: 603097784350

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Olivier Therrien
High shipping fees

I had to pay 20$ for the shipping + 20$ for costums. Amazon doesnt charge costums fees.


Ditto. I have a Corsair gaming mechanical keyboard and this one performs very similar. Of course there are more options with color design etc. I purchased this Havit keyboard for my girlfriends use as she works at home. The selling point was the plug and play feature as she is unable to install anything other than work programs on her company provided machine. She has managed to wear out some of the keys on an older keyboard so I will be looking to see how these keys hold up though I believe I should be able to order more keys in the home row for her as those were the ones that chipped off. She is very pleased with how the keys "click" as opposed to a softer keyboard. It is a heavy keyboard and the metal top gives it a very sturdy feel.

Not disappointed

The moment I received my package, I got really excited, and I am not disappointed! This is not your average plastic gaming keyboard. The packaging looks very professional and sleek: It has no extreme gaming branding like some other companies have. The black and white box looks very nice and I am really like the way it looks on my wall of boxes. Inside the box I found a keycap remover, a short manual with different combinations for the backlighting options. The first thing I noticed when I took the keyboard out of the box, was the weight. It’s a really heavy keyboard. This might be a problem for some people, but I’m fine with it, since I always leave my keyboard at my desk. The buildquality of this keyboard is phenomonal, it was impossible to bend the keyboard, a problem that occurs with a lot of “cheap” keyboards. The keys were put on top of a metal/aluminum plate. This does not only provide the keyboard a unique and premium look, it also provides a lot of support for the structure of the keyboard. One of the things I was worried about before I bought this keyboard, was the palmrest. I was afraid that they would be uncomfortable. These palmrests are not removable, but I found out that this was a very usefull addition to the keyboard. It does a great job at supporting my wrists when I"m typing and they feel great! They do tend to get a little bit slippery when I"m using my keyboard for a long time, but it isn"t too bad. I am really pleased that Havit didn"t put a lot of gaming branding on this keyboard. The only logo it has is a small eagle. I believe it was engraved in the aluminum, it looks very professional.
?I really like the fact that you do not need any drivers to use the lighting options on this keyboard. It is as simple as plug and play and it works on all operating systems. It doesn"t have full RGB, but I personally don"t need 16.8 million colors, since I only use three or four colors at most. It has different lighting modes, as mentioned in the product d...

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