How To Pick the Right Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard to Improve Work Productivity

It can be hard to stay motivated and focused when you are at a desk in your home office. If you are not working at your best, then it is time to upgrade your office and create your perfect work environment. Here are some simple things you can do to such like upgrade your old keyboard. Is a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard essential to your workflow? Probably not. But even if you don’t use a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard regularly, it’s still important that you have one. Pick a right Bluetooth keyboard can lead to a more productive and enjoyable work experience!

A lot of work can go into research on how to choose a right Bluetooth mechanical keyboard. If you’re a complete newcomer to Bluetooth mechanical keyboards,  you’ll want to know what Bluetooth mechanical keyboards are and how you can use them to your advantage by increasing your productivity.

What Are Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboards?

Bluetooth mechanical keyboard is a kind of wireless mechanical keyboard that comes with Bluetooth connection functionality. You can switch between multiple PCs, smartphones and tablets on the fly.

If you want a wireless keyboard that works seamlessly with smartphones and tablets, a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard is the best choice. Most laptops and desktops also support this technology.

Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Type

  • Bluetooth Connection
  • Bluetooth & wired Type C Dual Mode Connection

Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboards are easy to carry

Difference between “Wireless” and “Bluetooth”


Both Bluetooth and other wireless devices connect via radio frequencies. Bluetooth operates correctly in the 2.4GHz range, while other devices have different rates. Although the first Bluetooth devices encountered some interference problems in their designated areas, newer devices no longer have this problem. There is no real difference between operating with Bluetooth range and other ranges.


As a rule, wireless receivers come with branded manufacturers' devices. This means that the wireless handset can only be paired with other brands of devices compared to the manufacturer. What's more, when you lose your USB-wireless adapter, you need to buy another set because the USB-wireless adapter is created separately for your keyboard.

Bluetooth is much more compatible. No matter what the situation is, Bluetooth technology pairs with any device that can connect via Bluetooth. When there is a receiver, it can be paired to almost anything.

Things You Should Know About Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard


Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. the mechanical keyboard community introducing and producing a wide spectrum of form factors to fit our every personal need. We have listed going largest to smallest: 

Full-size Keyboard: A full-sized keyboard is one that you’re probably familiar with and that you will see in every office space. It contains the full function row, alphanumerics, special keys, arrow keys, and a Numpad.

TKL Keyboard: AKA an 80% keyboard. This layout should look pretty familiar to you. It's like a standard full-size keyboard, but without the Numpad (hence tenkeyless). It's suitable for beginners as the first Bluetooth mechanical keyboard.

75% Keyboard: A 75% keyboard includes arrow keys, most navigation keys, and the function row. Compact keyboard packs in pretty much all the keys of a standard tenkeyless. This is also what many laptop keyboards look like.

65% Keyboard: The 65 percent size is smaller than a TKL, but you get your arrow keys and a few navigation keys. Compact and make it practical.

60% Keyboard: A 60 percent board typically a normal key layout, just has the alphas, number row, and modifiers. There are no dedicated arrow keys, no F-row, and no number pad.

40% Keyboard: The iconic small keyboard size. 40% of keyboards are usually the smallest a compact keyboard goes while retaining some practicality.


The most common layouts are ANSI and ISO. the subtle difference in layout is the size of the keys. In Americans, Canadians and some parts of Europe, ANSI is commonly used, while other parts of Europe use ISO. that is, the layout you get when you buy a mechanical keyboard usually depends on your country and the language you will be using. Most follow ANSI or ISO rules, but some keyboard manufacturers make their own rules.

Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Based on their characteristics, there are basically three types of switches: Clicky switches, Tactile switches and Linear switches.

Clicky switches

Clicky switches offer a distinct “click” sound when hitting the actuation point. You can release the key immediately after you receive the feedback. They are great for those who want a distinct indication that of a key press and for those who love the “clicky” sound.

Tactile switches

Tactile switches offer a tactile feedback when hitting the actuation point. A noticeable small bump in the middle of travel to let you know that your key press has been registered. They are ideal for typing because you get a slight indication of a keypress without needing to bottom out your keys.

Linear switches

Linear switches have the simplest operation. They move straight up and down without any tactile feedback or clicking noise. The smooth keystroke allows for more rapid actuation, making them the preferred switch for gamers.

You need to learn about the most common MX switches are the following:

  • Clicky : Blue, Green, White
  • Tactile: Brown, Clear
  • Linear: Red, Silver

*Note: the “color codes” of switches are usually the same for switches with the same properties.

Switches are important to Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboards

Tips for Improving Your Productivity with Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboards

Backlighting / RGB: If you often work late into the night and don’t want to (or can’t) switch on bright overhead lights, a keyboard with backlit keys is what you want.

Pick your switch: For switch selection, if you are a typists, tactile and clicky switches are recommended, and black will be a common choice. But the most important thing is that you should get a good idea of how what general type of switch you like and what weight feels best. Perhaps you can compare some of these characteristics to find the perfect switch that best matches your needs.

Full-size, tenkeyless or smaller: Tenkeyless keyboards drop the numpad, while 65% models eliminate navigation keys and 60% boards also cut the arrow keys. If you want to more space on your desk, a smaller keyboard is the best’s a matter of choice and preferences. It needs better meet you needs to support heavy workload

Recommended Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard for You

HAVIT KB255GCM Wireless 60% Mechanical Keyboard

  • Dual Mode Connection
  • Long-lasting Wireless Keyboard
  • Compact 61 Keys Layout
  • Rainbow Backlit Keyboard
  • Wide Compatibility

The HAVIT KB255GCM Wireless Mechanical Keyboard in 60% compact design, a perfect size, to provide more space to your desktop and mouse movement. Being with Bluetooth connection mode and Attaching with detachable USB-C cable that make it convenient to carry. You can access the arrow keys and all the essential multimedia and function keys through a combination of keypresses. It's good for home and office use.

HAVIT KB498L Wireless Mechanical Keyboard & RGB Mouse Combo

  • Classic 60% Compact Design
  • Mechanical Keyboard with Dual Mode Connection
  • Premium Brown Switch
  • Wired RGB Mouse
  • Universal Compatibility

The HAVIT KB498L comes with a compact 60% layout. Designed to maximize your productivity and give more space to your desktop. Feature latest & stable Bluetooth 5.1 & wireless connection & wired Type C connection. Connected 3 different devices at the same time in wireless mode, easily Switchable with FN + Q/W/E. Support for 10 hours of continuous use. Extra long standby battery that can maintain power for up to 30 days in off state. It's also compatible with Mac and Windows.

Choose your own Bluetooth mechanical keyboard

When the Coronavirus pandemic spreading, we spend a lot of time working from home. so this is a good time to Pick The Bluetooth Mechanical keyboard that helps you be more productive.

When deciding what's the best wireless keyboard for you, focus on durability and performance features. Whether it’s opting for more accessories and equipment to help you be more productive, it’s about what you enjoy. You will have tons of options to create an office desk setup at home that works for you. We hope the article can help you better to choose a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard for working from home to improve work productivity.


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