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HV-F2033 14-15.6 Inch Super-slim Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad, Black

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Designed to be the best laptop cooler in the market today. No corners cut, no compromises. All the cooling power and features you need while remaining slim, light weight, and quiet.

Color: Black

Name: HAVIT® HV-F2033 Laptop Cooler

Net weight: 429G (0.9lb.)
USB cable length: 54 cm (21.25in.)
The Space-saving HAVIT® HV-F2033 Laptop Cooler, can help you operate your laptop more efficiently without sacrificing the comfort and space you need whether you're using it on a desk or your lap.
Your laptop can stay cool and comfortable while you hard at work in your office, your living room, or anywhere in between.
Its compact, lightweight design allows it fit easily into your suitcase or overnighter during travel
Ergonomic design provides a comfortable viewing angle


1.Suitable for 14-15.6 inch laptop, Apple Mac BookPro, Ultrabook, Notebook or Netbook
2. Large punching empty net surface, Powerful Motor Turbo Double Fans, strong heat emitted ability
3. Anti-slip surface design, hold laptop firmly
4. Portable design, ideal for home or other areas where a desk or solid workspace is not available
5. Easily fit in your suitcase or overnighter during travel

This product is no longer available on HAVIT Online

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