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Maybe your recipient is a student who’s busy with homework; maybe he/she is a company staff who works 9 to 5; or maybe he/she is a leader of a team that strives to build something better – the chances are, they may have one thing in common – their love for gaming. Gaming has provided much unique joy that people who don’t game have not experience before, and can never be given up. Though bound by daily works and studies, they will still game occasionally, which is why they will need reliable input devices that allow you work and game smoothly.

Functional gaming mice and membrane gaming keyboards are ideal for casual gamers who are busy with work and study and not able to invest a lot of time and money on gaming. Though lack of features like programming and weight tuning, the HV-MS672, HV-MS745 and HV-MS794 provides great ergonomics and built quality, allowing you to work or game with ease. If you like the freedom of wireless, the wireless gaming mice HV-MS976GT and HV-MS978GT are your ideal choices. Though they are not mechanical, the HV-KB380L keyboards provides great tactility that are even as good as mechanical keyboards, and also special features of their own. Want to get both gaming mouse and gaming keyboard at the same time? HV-KB558CM and X11 gaming keyboard and mouse combo will be your best choices.