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Nowadays everyone uses laptop, as they are so powerful and convenient. The technology of laptops has been evolving, so does their accessories. While it might be too expensive to gift your recipient a new laptop, it is more realistic and thoughtful to gift a laptop accessory to compliment the recipient’s laptop.

Laptop users love HAVIT, because we are constantly releasing gadgets with latest technology. Besides our long time top sellers HV-F2056 and HV-F2063A laptop cooling pads that can cool down overheated laptops, we also followed latest USB Type-C trend, and released HV-TPC68, HV-TPC78 or T91 USB C Hub to allow laptop users make use of their USB C ports. Have a New MacBook Pro 2016/2017? Then T90 Thunderbolt 3 Hub is your must-have accessory, because it provides extra Thunderbolt 3, USB-C, USB-A 3.0, SD & Micro SD ports, and allows you to transfer data at a speed upt to 40Gb/s. Finally, we have released two new wireless mice for laptop users: HV-MS55GTergonomic wireless vertical mouse release your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and HV-MS56GT long range wireless mouse provides great portability and long operation range.