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If your recipient really care about the music they hear, then consider sending them something that provide better music. The truth is, people don’t need a pair of golden ears to be a music fans, whether they are a member or a fan of a music band, someone who party all the time, or just a person who like listening music, the natural respond to rhythm and beats is within everyone’s gene. You may not like your recipient’s music, but you can always show respect of their choices by gifting them a nice music gear.

Our new released G1 True Wireless Earbuds is a high-end earbuds specially designed for sports enthusiasts, and it would be a decent gift for people who wish to enjoy truly wireless music while exercising or working out. For people who like playing music out loud and share it with others, they would appreciate a Bluetooth speaker. Depending on how loud and portable they would like the speakers to be, you can choose from the E5 and M22. Or if the recipients have their own stereos, try giving them HV-BT018 or HV-BT022  to make the stereos wireless. Never the less, M28 Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock has build-in Mic and FM radio which can embrace you everymorning