Introducing HAVIT HV-MS978GT Wireless Gaming Mouse
Hey guys, I am Gary Zhang from HAVIT. Everyday we have many users or professional reviewers reviewing our products on Amazon or other websites, but today I am going to review one of our own products myself from a normal user's perspective to show you how our products look like in the real world. And today the product I am reviewing is the HAVIT HV-MS978GT Wireless Gaming Mouse. Before I start to review, allow me to introduce myself. I am a staff in HAVIT, and I am also a casual PC gamer. I play League of Legend and Diablo III occasionally, and Startcraft II and Call of Duty series, but my favorite type of game is RPG: Dragon Age (just finish 3, kind of disappointed), Elder Scroll, Baldur's Gate, and especially Fallout series (Black Isle & Bethesda rule!). As a casual gamer, I do not need to invest a lot of money on gears, so I am happy and honored to work for HAVIT, who provides gamers like me with budget-friendly yet high quality gaming devices. I hope my viewpoint and experience in this review would be useful to you. I would also like to point out that I am not a technician, nor am I a professional photographer, so this review might seems pretty amateur comparing to other professional's reviews. However, if you would like me to test any special features, please tell me by leaving a comment.

The Front

First of all, let's take a look at the appearance of this mouse. (Sorry if you find the image quality inferior, as I took the photos with my cell phone) 978-10 978-6 978-4 978-2 As you can see, the mouse has an ergonomically designed aerodynamic profile, providing a comfortable touch and feel. I'll provide more details later on.

The Back

When you turn it over, you will notice several interesting things. 978-13 First of all, you will see two switches on the top. The switch on the left says "Off", "On" and a lighting bulb. We know what is "Off" and "On", but what is the lighting bulb? The answer is, it turns on the LED lights on the mouse wheel and the Magic Eagle logo, while the "On" will not activate the lights. The switch on the right says "250", "500" and a music symbol. The numbers stand for two Return Rates (or Polling Rate) of the mouse, which allow the mouse to respond faster / slower during gaming. And the music symbol stands for Video Mode, a special feature of the mouse, which we will go through later on. Besides the switches, you will also notice there's a HAVIT logo thingy under the battery slots. Is it a button? No, that's where the signal receiver hide! We place it inside the mouse so that you can carry it around with the mouse. When you need to use the mouse, just take out the receiver, and plug it into the USB port, and there you go. Neat huh?

LED Light

After I switched to the lighting mode, the LED light will "breath" 3 colors: Red, Blue, and Green. (Again I apologize for the image quality. It was quite bright in the room, and I will try to shoot some photos in the dark if you guys are interested.) 978-16 978-15 978-19

Touch and Feel

978-12 978-11 As I have a relatively small palm (6.69 inches from the tip of my middle finger to the wrist),  you may find it feels different if you have a bigger palm, but here's how I feel when using the mouse. Overall my palm and fingers can comfortably rest on the mouse without significant hollow space in between. There's a little bump on the back of the mouse, which will support the center of your palm. I especially like the little rubber pad at the position of my thumb, which creates friction when holding the mouse so that I can hold it easier. The mouse did not provide as much support to ring finger and little finger as HV-MS976 does, and my ring finger and litter finger curl on the side of the mouse, which is not my personal preference. However, this design allow you to grip your mouse with your thumb and ring finger and little finger, so that you can hold the mouse stably.


People used to say that wireless mice are not suitable for gaming because there's latency when using wireless mouse. However, with the technology advanced, the latency of wireless mice has been greatly reduced,  and now we have an excellent wireless gaming mouse like HV-MS978GT. While I didn't test its in-game performance (you can ask me to do that by leaving comment), I find the mouse very smooth in daily operations. The PC was placed under a wooden table, and the receiver was plugged into the back USB port, so there are about two wooden boards and a part of the PC in between an about 40 inches distance between the mouse and the receiver, and I detected almost no latency in each DPIs. There's some small latency occasionally, and you have to pay a lot of attention to notice that, and for most of the time I thought I was using a wired mouse.

Video Mode

There's a special feature called Video Mode. If you flip the switch under the mouse to the music symbol, then the extra buttons on the mouse will be able to control the full-screen video you are playing, including playing/pausing the video, fasting / rewinding, turn up / down the volume etc. Here's screenshot of the manual to show you more about the features. video-mode


The HAVIT HV-MS978GT Wireless Gaming Mouse is an extraordinary wireless gaming mouse that provides smooth wireless gaming experience, and is ideal for those who would like to game with a wireless mouse. This review is not perfect as it is the first review I write, and I didn't cover some aspect of the mouse due to the limited of time, but if you would like to know more about the mouse, please comment about the things you would like us to test, and I'll try my best to do them. Lastly, we are going to launch a promotion of this mouse, so stay tuned. :)
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