4 Reasons Why Laptop Cooling Pads Can Upgrade Your Laptop Experience
While laptops can be used on its own, they are best to be accompanied by a laptop cooling pad. Some of you, even the experienced PC users, may wonder: what’s the big deal about laptop cooling and laptop cooling pads? The answer is, they upgrade your laptop experience, and allow me to explain.

Laptop Cooling Pads Help Preventing Laptop Malfunctioning

Blue screens, data loss, system crashes… we’ve all been through annoying computer malfunctions, but do you know that computer overheating could be one of the reasons that cause these malfunctions? Laptops combine of electronic parts like CPU, graphic card, hard drive etc., and like most of other electronics, these parts are vulnerable to heat. Once they are affected by heat, they will start acting weird, and even break down. What is even worse, heat is an inevitable side effect of the running of powerful electronics like your laptop, in other words, your laptop will be consumed by heat eventually if there’s no counter method applied. The counter method of overheating is cooling system. Usually your laptop will come with internal cooling system like fans and passive cooling pads etc., and they can usually handle most heat. However, it is very technically demanding for internal cooling system to convect heat away from laptop in a small room inside the laptop, and with the cooling system wearing out, the laptop will start overheating. While it is important to find out the cause of unnatural overheating, it will also help to use a laptop cooling pad to keep your laptop cool. With 2 or more powerful yet quiet fans, HAVIT laptop cooling pads blows away hot air around your laptop, preventing it from overheating, thereby fixing malfunctions that caused by overheating. With this simple mechanism, you will experience less blue screens, frozen laptop (the bad way), graphic error, or anything that interrupt your flow. cpu cooling fan Unfortunately, traditional desktop CPU coolers are too large for laptops

Laptop Cooling Pads Prolong the Lifespan of Your Laptop

As mentioned, electronics parts inside of laptops are vulnerable to heat. When overheating, electronic circuits will not be working in optimal temperature, and they will start to wear out. Malfunctioning is just a symptom of this wear out process, and if left not taken care of, the heat will eventually break sensitive parts like hard drive, CPU, or GPU, shortening the lifespan of your laptop. That is where HAVIT laptop cooling pads come in. By keeping the laptop at its optimal temperature, the electronic parts inside the laptop will have less heat to suffer from, thereby allowing them to work for longer period of them and extending their lifespan.

Laptop Cooling Pads Give You More Ergonomic Angles

One of the major differences between laptop and PC is that the screen on laptop is attached to the keyboard. This kind of design makes you move away the laptop as it will hurt your eyes if the screen get too close, while reaching out to the keyboard with your arms when using the laptop on your desk, and if you keep this posture for too long, you will find your arms get sore and your neck hurt as you lean too forward to the screen. The ideal solution would be do what PC does: use individual mouse and keyboard and lift up the screen. This way you will be using laptop with a healthy posture. It is very easy to find a mouse and a keyboard, but when it comes to lifting up the screen, there will be two options: using the Apex Stand to lift up your Macbook or other thin laptops, or a laptop cooling pad to get a better angle. HAVIT laptop cooling pads come with adjustable pins to help you adjust the height of the laptop screen, so that you can view your screen in a better angle.

Laptop Cooling Pads Improve the Touch and Feel of Your Laptop

We agree that coolness is not always the best feeling, especially in winter when some people actually prefer a “hot” laptop in winter because it can warm their hands. But having a cool laptop won’t hurt. Personally, if I have to choose from a hot laptop that burns my hands, always signifies me something is wrong with its notable heat, and makes the room hotter in summer, or a laptop that feels almost indifferent than other objects in the room, I would definitely choose the latter one. campfire Campfire is good, but it is not so good when your laptop feels like campfire

How HAVIT Can Help

HAVIT laptop cooling pads provide better experience than others. Unlike our loud and inefficient competitors or DIY coolers, our laptop cooling pads come with 2 or more high speed yet quiet fans, and cool down laptop efficiently, which is tested and compared by Youtube bloggers and reviewers. While being strong enough to hold your laptop, our laptop cooling pads are also light weight and portable, allowing you to carry them around. HAVIT laptop cooling pads work as a part of your laptop, and you won’t even notice them while you are working, which is the best laptop cooling pad experience should be.


This article talked about how Laptop Cooling Pad can help preventing laptop malfunctioning, extending laptop lifespan, providing ergonomic angle, making your laptop feel better, and thereby upgrading your laptop experience. We hope you can find useful information regarding laptop caring in this article. What is your trick to keep your laptop cool? And how well does it work? Please let us know in the comment.

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