For those who don’t aware of it yet, Amazon is holding a big Shopping Festival called Prime Day on July 12, 2016, which will be as huge as Black Friday! 

What is Amazon Prime Day

In 2015, Amazon launched Prime Day to celebrate its 20th birthday, offering a large number of deals ranging from almost every product category of Amazon. It was a huge success for Amazon, so they decided to make this event annual. What makes Prime Day special is, they will provide some deals that only available for Prime members, who can also access Lightning deals early than non-Prime members. So maybe it will be a good time to join Amazon’s Prime program. But even if you are not a Prime member, there will be many sellers that will offer great deals to Prime and non-Prime members alike. HAVIT, for one, will provide deals for our best products that will only be available on Prime Day.

What Great Deals HAVIT Will Offer on Prime Day

So basically, we will offer four types of deals on Prime Day, which you will be listed in our promotion page.

1. Direct Discount on, and

Can you believe that our HV-MS976GT Wireless Gaming Mouse, which was $19.99, is on sale for $9.99? That’s what we are doing. For us and many customers, Amazon Prime Day has already begun, and we are providing deep discounts on, and that will make some of our products under $10 (or $20 in Canada and ¥2,000 in Japan)! To see what’s on sale, check out our list.

2. Prime Day Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals is deep discounts on Amazon products that only last for several hours, so it is very important to stick to the product pages. On Prime Day, we will offer Lightning Deals for some of our best products, so please keep an eye on our products. Or if you would like some notifications, we will send them to our newsletters subscribers one day before the Prime Day, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletters.

3. $5 Off Your Amazon Orders

Speaking of newsletters, another great benefit of joining our newsletters list is that you will get a $5 coupon for our products when your order is over $49, which means you will get both free shipping and a $5 off! So again, be sure to subscribe to our newsletters.

4. HAVIT Online Deals

Not all of our deals will be on Amazon. Here at HAVIT Online, we will also offer discounts for some of the products that are neither on direct discount nor Lightning deals, and you can still enjoy the free shipping we offer. You can find them here, and we will constantly update the list.

Start Your Prime Day Shopping Today!

Check out our Ultimate Guide to HAVIT Prime Day Deals to start your shopping journey. What products you would like us to put on sale? Please let us know in the comment.

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