Introducing HV-MS976GT Wireless Gaming Mouse
The last time we have reviewed our HV-MS978GT Wireless Gaming Mouse, today we will look at its “brother” HV-MS976GT, which featured in our End of Year Giveaways. The Front The profile of the HV-MS976GT Wireless Gaming Mouse is very aerodynamic and ergonomic, which make me want to hold it the moment I saw it. There are 6 buttons of the mouse: left and right buttons, mouse wheel, DPI button, and forwards and backwards button. The DPI can be switched between 1000, 1500 and 2000, allow users to adjust the mouse speed in different games. The mouse is non-backlit, unlike HV-MS978GT, however it will also save your batteries. 976-8 976-11 976-2 976-6 976-13 The Back The back of HV-MS976GT Wireless Gaming Mouse is simple. There are power switch, optical sensor, battery slot, and USB receiver on the back of the mouse. Something worth noticing is that the receiver is hidden inside the battery slot, allowing user to carry the receiver with the mouse and reduce the risk of losing the receiver. 976-1 Touch and Feel The surface of the mouse is smooth yet frictional. It is processed with special polishing technique, and touching the mouse is like touching something soft and squeezable, like silk or soft rubber, but in fact the surface is made of hard plastic. 976-9 976-12 One of the biggest differences between HV-MS976GT and HV-MS978GT is that HV-MS976GT provides more support to the ring finger and little finger. Most of your fingers will rest comfortably on the mouse with a natural grasp, and your ring finger and little finger will no longer need to curl on the side of the mouse, unlike HV-MS978GT. With this holding style, your hand will not fatigue easily if you are mostly operating day to day operations like browsing website, editing files, and play games that don’t require much micro managements; however, if you are a savvy gamer and micro manage a lot, then you may want a HV-MS978GT, which provide more spaces for your ring finger and little finger. 976-19 976-18 Latency As the mouse use AAA batteries instead of AAs like HV-MS978GT does, the operation range (up to 15 meters) of the mouse is a few meters short comparing to that of HV-MS978GT (up to 18 meters); however, this is still a lot better than most of the wireless mice out there. I have tried drawing lines in Paint in Windows, use it a few meters away from the receiver, and use it in web browsing, and I found no latency what so ever. handdrawing Hand-drawing circles with HV-MS976GT[/caption] Above is the picture I drew with the mouse. As you may also know, drawing with mice is always difficult because you are using your wrist, not your fingers, so this drawing is not very pretty. However, if you look at the line, you will find that it is one single line without any breaks in between, which means the signal between the mouse and the receiver was continuous and not interfered when drawing the line. I must mention that I drew this picture on my desk with my PC underneath it, so there are about two wooden boards, a part of the PC and my legs in between an about 60 inches of distance, which I believe is the most common scenario when using PC. I haven’t try this experiment in a longer distance, so if you want us to do so, please leave your comment. Conclusion As a more affordable version, HV-MS976GT Wireless Gaming Mouse does not come with as much features as HV-MS978GT, such as Video mode and backlights, however, it maintains a similar level of reliability and ergonomic design of HV-MS978GT, making it a more practical choice than HV-MS978GT. If you are a casual gamer who work and play with the same mouse, then this would be your ideal wireless mouse. As you may have noticed, there are many aspects of the mouse that are not covered in this review. If you have ideas about how to review the mouse, or you are a professional reviewer who wants to cover the missing aspects, please let me know in the comment. If you are interested in getting this mouse, you may want to enter our End of Year Giveaways, or get a 20% off coupon by subscribing to our newsletters.
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