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HAVIT KB851L 遊戲機械鍵盤,帶 89 鍵 PBT 布丁鍵帽和 RGB 背光

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HAVIT KB851L遊戲機械鍵盤有14種背光模式和11種附加環境光模式。背光亮度和變光速度可調,支持自定義錄製5組背光模式。




專業的青軸提供更快的響應、清脆的咔嗒聲和精確的觸覺反饋,並為打字和遊戲傳輸準確的按鍵命令。所有 89 個鍵都有獨立的軸,具有完整的全鍵無衝突功能。


這款 PC 鍵盤採用 89 鍵緊湊型設計,但特別保留了數字鍵盤,12個多媒體快捷鍵,輕鬆兼顧遊戲與工作。


HAVIT KB851L遊戲機械鍵盤即插即用。播放,無需驅動,兼容Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10。

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
rolie m.
Pretty Good gaming keyboard 1000Hz polling rate decent RGB lights

Avid fps gamer here. I play a lot of valorant. I've used this keyboard for about a month. Tested the polling rate in usbview was at full 1000Hz polling rate. Fast enough for gaming. I've tried many gaming keyboards. Don't believe all the hype and marketing. This performs solidly. Surprised not many youtube videos out there.

The layout is great and original. The tenkey is very useful. This layout is very unique and not too compact. It is fast enough for gaming. I've read a few reviews that the jixian blue switches are not that great, but I haven't had any issues. Yes you can get faster optical switches but it's not worth the price. A lot of these mechanical keyboards enthusiasts make a big deal about the switches. When people were blind tested on youtube, the results were just a placebo effect. Nobody could tell the difference. A lot of hype for other keyboards that are not worth more than twice the price.

No software needed.
You can program different colors for the keys by hitting Function and the number (1,2,3,4,5) then Function +Esc to enter edit mode. Hit a single key to cycle colors. Hit Function+Esc to save.
1000Hz polling rate
No issues with Blue switches
Leds aren't the brightest but good enough
Keycaps easily replaceable with any oem set.
Leds on sides of keyboards

Manual is difficult to read
Wish the space bar had 3 leds, looks pretty dark
Not Hotswappable switches
Wish it had more colors to customize

Solid keyboard, won't regret it. Try some see through top keycaps, really make keyboard shine.

Not Provided Not Provided
I Love It!!!

This sounds amazing and I love the lights on the side as well as the modes for all the lights

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