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HAVIT HV-KB390L 薄型矮軸機械鍵盤,87 鍵,可編程,LED,Kailh PG1350

100 reviews

產品開關類型: Kailh PG1350 藍色 (Clicky)
產品佈局: 美式佈局(QWERTY)
促銷價2.119.000 VND
該產品已在HAVIT Online下架


隆重介紹 HV-KB390L,超薄的87 鍵薄型機械鍵盤

使用 Kailh PG1350 矮青軸,革命性的 HV-KB390L 薄型機械鍵盤鍵盤僅提供 22.5 毫米(0.89 英寸)的厚度。總鍵程僅 3 毫米,操作力約 45 克,讓你可以更快地按下按鍵,從而更快地釋放遊戲中的技能。短鍵程的另一個好處是清脆的咔嗒聲,因為你不會聽到鍵帽撞擊鍵盤蓋的聲音。要出遠門?只需拔下隨附的可插拔Micro USB綫纜即可。需要光嗎?按 FN+F6-F11 可預設 6 種背光模式,按 FN+F1-F5 可自定義模式!


更薄的鍵盤不僅意味著它更便攜、更輕巧,還意味著按下一個鍵所需的時間和力量更少,從而讓你在遊戲和日常業務中反應更快。 HV-KB390L 薄型機械鍵盤採用最新的 Kailh PG1350 青軸,厚度僅為 0.89 英寸,比標準的 104 鍵鍵盤薄 25% 以上。 3 毫米的總鍵程和 45 克的操作力為您提供自然而快速的機械打字體驗,而不會像其他長行程開關那樣在鍵帽和外殼之間產生任何碰撞聲。



  • 背光模式
  • 遊戲模式
  • 啟用/禁用Win鍵
  • 按鍵響應時間
  • USB 報告率
  • 媒體鍵
  • 配置文件

可拆卸Micro USB 綫纜

HAVIT HV-KB390L 薄型機械鍵盤上的 60 英寸Micro USB可以從鍵盤上拔下​​。在旅程中分開攜帶鍵盤和綫纜比把兩者合起來携帶更輕鬆,而且修理/更換綫纜也更容易!

冰藍色 LED 背光

按 FN+F6-F11 從六種預設背光模式中選擇,或按 FN+F1-F5(FN+F12 保存)自定義您自己的背光模式


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Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Zhi Rui Lee
Good for value buy low profile

If you want a no-frills, low profile keyboard that does the job, here it is.

No RGB backlit, not wireless but really cheap.

Miles H.
Typist’s delight, would rather audio controls to lighting controls

See title

Fantastic customer support and love the keyboard

I ordered the keyboard and immediately loved it. It's very thin and low to the desk which I love because it helps my wrists feel better. The caps lock broke in the first few weeks, so I reached out to customer support and they instantly responded and helped me get a new one with no problem at all. Love the support and the keyboard!

Al B.
Excellent Keyboard

I have the red linear switch version and it is just great. I've owned many keyboards over the years but this one provides the nicest typing experience I've ever had. It also sports a classy, professional look. Not too "gamery". The ice blue leds are also very nice. If I had to get another keyboard, it would be this one all over again. Well done Havit!

Kathy Jiang
Great mechanical keyboard

I got this keyboard because I have a number of specific needs out of keyboards. I find low profile keys easiest to type accurately on, I wanted something clicky, but not loud, also wanted it to be a small keyboard and not the fullsized ones, and somewhat accessible in budget. I think this keyboard fits all those criteria. I've been using it for a while for my university studies and I'm very happy with the performance. It's clicky, but not so loud that I have to turn my lectures up unreasonably loud to hear over the clicks. I feel I can type accurately while touch typing.

The only places this could be improved are just cosmetic ones. Some people like the customisation of RGB lights and interchangeable keycaps. I do not value those things as much as functionality. So for my purposes this is probably the perfect keyboard.

Shipping was also really quick during the pandemic to Sydney, Australia and I've been using this keyboard for a good month now. Very pleased with it.

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