7 Important Things You Should Consider When Buying Earphones
Today there are many different kinds of earphones, they come in all kinds of colors, shapes and design. Some are even custom made using an press mold of your ear. There are many ones out there for the choosing, that fits different people wants and needs including the type of sound that they produce. I don't personally use them as I not comfortable with the way they sit in my ears, but I have used a couple of them, I more of a headphone type of guy.

Know What You Want

The first thing you should do before you even decide on the earphones that you want. Is the type of sound that you are after. Many different one's have an different kind of sound signature, such as the way the bass is produced if it is accurate or impactful or maybe you like having highs that are detailed or maybe smooth or clean. It’s important to know what you will like. I normally suggest people to try out a bunch of different earphones, to figure out the sound that they are after. That way you know for sure that you will enjoy them. When you do it this way you can avoid bring something home that ruins the way the songs sound to you. As different people have an different sound preference.   

Devices Matter

While we are on the subject of sound, another subject is what you will be plugging these into. Maybe you do your music listening on your desktop or laptop. Some people tend to use an portable music player for songs. Desktop and laptop’s on-board audio has improved over the years. A few people may find these to do good enough for their usage. A poor audio source can put a hamper on the audio quality of your earphones. I myself use a very good setup for my music, now the setup doesn’t have to cost a lot, just be decent enough to let what your using perform good. For those who use portable music player’s there are device’s such as hybrid Dac/amp devices, which you can use to get the most out of your music. The results will be depending on the type of gear you have as the results can be different from person to person.

Your Ears Are The Judge

Comfit helps too it can be hard to enjoy your dub-step or techno songs if your earphone is hurting your ears and falling out of it. If you can only keep them in your ear’s for a certain amount of time, that also ruins your fun. There are wide ranges of tips available that you can put on your earphones, Through not every earphone accept tips as some have doesn’t have the availability to even use them. The ones that don’t tend to be plastic while that may work for some people, it won’t work for other people. When I did use earphone’s, the plastic annoyed my ears while making them uncomfortable. When shopping around you should make sure the earphones that you are looking at can take ear tips, that way when the default ends are hurting your ears, you can remove them and put on a compatibility tip so you can go back to enjoying your songs without being interrupted when your earphones fall out and hang on the side of your head. You can for some time now get your earphones made to your ears, to get a perfect fit. They take an measurement of both your ears and make a mold out of it. Afterwards they make the earphones using the finished product,because they would be custom to you, they would be an perfect fit. 

Earwax Cleaning

Cleaning your earphones is something that everyone should think about doing. Not all are easy to clean do to some of them having a non-removable tip. Earwax can build up on the driver ends affecting the way they sound. Not being able to remove the excesses wax can block the drivers. I would suggest to make sure you are able to get to access to the ends so you can do the cleaning. Bluetooth-Wireless-Headset-HAVIT-HV-H930BT-41-Portable-Wireless-Bluetooth-Sports-Headphone-for-iPhone-and-Android-Black-Yellow-0-2

How You Wear Them

Another question you should ask yourself is what type of earphones do you want, besides the ones that you stick into your ears. There are ones that rest on your earlobes, sit on your neck and the newest kind that send the sound thru your bones to your inner ear. One easy way is to try a bunch of different ones from the types that I mentioned and pick the one that feels right to you, as only you can make that choice. Magnetic-Bluetooth-Headset-HAVIT-HV-H931BT-In-ear-Wireless-Bluetooth-41-Magnet-Circle-Sport-Headphone-for-Apple-and-Android-0-4

Wired or Wireless

Connections wired or wireless if you the kind of person that tends to move away from their desktop, or do not want to deal with messy wires. Then Bluetooth might be the option for you. With it you can move around the house while still enjoying your music or with your portable player not having to worry about wires getting in the way as you go for an jog, take the trash out or on a flight. While Bluetooth have it uses. It does have cons such as needing to be charged up. Many different Bluetooth earphones have a wide range of maxed charged times. Plus when you are using Bluetooth you do not have to worry about the type of source you are using as the audio quality will be up to the wireless earphone that you are using. But there are trade off when using Bluetooth over an analog connection, one is audio quality. Wired earphones has plenty of benefits with two major ones being that they do not need to be battery powered and get their power from the devices that they are connected to with the other being audio quality. Since they are using the Dac (Digital to Analog Converter) chip inside the portable music player or Your computer sound card. But the notice able con is unless your using it with an portable, you are stuck to your location. Which is ok if you tend to sit in your chair relaxing and listening to tunes. But not if you like to move around a lot. So its best to decide on how you are going do your listening. Bluetooth-Wireless-Headset-HAVIT-HV-H930BT-41-Portable-Wireless-Bluetooth-Sports-Headphone-for-iPhone-and-Android-Black-Yellow-0-0

Replaceable Cable

The very last thing replaceable cables, like some headphones. There are in-ear’s that have the benefit of having their cable removed. One major benefit with this is when your cabling breaks or go bad. You can remove the cable and replace it. Normally you would have to either try to fix it yourself or send it in for repair if its under warranty. As long the damage isn’t user done you should be fine. If you take your in-ear and decide to use the cable to jump rope and step on the cable and rip it from the earpiece, then of course they won’t cover the replacement. With this information in hand shopping for your future in-ear’s should be a walk in the part. HAVIT-HV-H2555BT-HD-Stereo-Bluetooth-NFC-Wired-Wireless-Headset-with-Touch-Control-and-Mic-Black-Red-0-5 Admin's note: This article is kindly provided by Genclaymore. Minor editing are made. Visit our Audio catalog to shop your ideal audio product. What else do you consider as important factors when buying earphones or other audio products? Please let us know in the comment.

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