8 Free Macro Recorder that Automate Your Traditional Mouse and Keyboard

Have you ever tried to copy and paste hundreds of paragraphs over and over again? Or asking your character in games to attack the same target or go to the same place by pressing mouse buttons endlessly? These repetitive tasks seem like easy but turns out they are required to be done by ourselves repetitively. So this is where macros and macro recorder come in: they make scripts that tell your mouse or keyboard to do the repetitive works for you automatically.There are third-party software that can create macros for them. Today we have gathered a list of macro recorder software that can record macros for non-programmable keyboard and mouse.

Auto Mouse Clicker

Auto Mouse Clicker is macro recorder software that records the movement and clicking of your mouse and playback the operations when you press the shortcut keys. You can configure the click types, pointer coordinates, delays, and repeat times in the software. The press of Ctrl, Alt, and Shift along with the mouse clicks can also be recorded.

Auto Mouse Clicker - Macro Recorder Auto Mouse Clicker



  • Light weight
  • Clean interface
  • Can configure each click individually


  • Limited keyboard macros
  • Can only record clicks


EasyClicks Macros

EasyClicks is a macro recorder category which is considered to be very dynamic in its operations. It is among the simplest to use as it gives you a user-friendly platform to make your macros faster. EasyClick can allow you to make and customize your own keyboard shortcuts where the need arises. You only need to specify the operation key and choose your favorite shortcut. EasyClicks are versatile, the give you all macro at your disposal by use of a simple scripting code.


EasyClicks Macros - Macro Recorders EasyClicks Macros



  • No need to install
  • Can record operations like click, drag and move individually
  • Can create shortcuts


  • Haven’t updated since Feb 2015.



These are among the small macro recorder software available, with a capacity about 33KB. Majorly it is known for playback and recording functionalities. TinyTasks have only six buttons for all its purposes hence simple to use.



  • Easy to use
  • Simple interface
  • Can record mouse and keyboard inputs
  • Can compile to .exe file


  • Limited features


Mouse Recorder Premium

This macro software is free although many people think anything premium is paid for. The Mouse Recorder Premium enables you to make all your activities which seem to be frequent automatic. The automation is done by recording the executed mouse clicks and keystrokes sequentially with a macro editor. The Mouse Recorder Premium will enable you to have all your mouse movements, your previous windows position of any program if there is any change, and enhance easy analysis of your macros.


Mouse Recorder Premium - Macro Recorder Mouse Recorder Premium


  • Can record mouse and keyboard inputs
  • Each operations can be configured
  • Intuitive interface


  • Can only be installed in C drive
  • May not be compatible with some anti-virus software


Macro Toolworks

Macro Toolworks provides free, standard and professional version, but even free version can satisfy the needs of daily operations. The free version is among the simple macro recorder software to use, it allows you to record and save keyboard inputs and mouse commands. Macro can be recorded with a macro recorder, or with command lines. The free version of Macro Toolworks is available for Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

Macro Toolworks - Macro Recorder Macro Toolworks


  • Multiple macro files open simultaneously
  • Can record triggers like open or close window, time and date, create or change file etc. besides mouse and keyboard inputs
  • Can record macros with command lines


  • Some features like encryption and more triggers require purchase standard or professional version


Mini Mouse Macro

Mini Mouse Macro is automation PC software that enables you to efficiently record and playback your mouse key INS and keyboard touches. The excitable commands can be stored and executed from any storage device, so there is no need of installing the software on your PC. Therefore, this macro recording software is considered as the most portable in the in the existing macro recorders.


Mini Mouse Macro - Macro Recorder Mini Mouse Macro - Macro Recorder


  • No install required
  • Works for games
  • Small size


  • Takes some time to get used to the interface


Ghost Mouse

Ghost Mouse macro recorder software has only two buttons, this makes it among the most user-friendly and simple to use. The software can help you record any mouse movement on your PC and Keyboard inputs. The two buttons, the record button, and the play button are the ones used to do the automation. To record press the red button and to play the recorded content press the play button.


Ghost Mouse - Macro Recorder Ghost Mouse



  • Easy to use
  • Can record mouse and keyboard input
  • Small size


  • Limited features



AutoHotkey is open source macro recorder software for windows. Unlike other software we covered above, AutoHotkey rely on scripting language to automate your operations, therefore users are expected to have coding knowledge. When using AutoHotkey, first you will need to create a script file and add some hotkeys, otherwise a help document will pop up to tell you to do so. Though being hard for beginner, AutoHotkey provides many possibilities for those who can get hold of it, including recording mouse or keyboard macros, remap buttons on keyboard, mouse and joystick, expand abbreviations, even DLL calls and Windows Messages.



  • Open Source
  • Has its forum
  • Comes with tutorial
  • Can record keyboard, mouse and joystick inputs
  • Advanced macros can be created


  • Difficult for beginners
  • Coding knowledge required

Bouns:Keyboard & Mouse that Come with Built-In Programmability

While it is possible to use software to make macro, not all keyboard and mouse are compatible with these software, and since these software are not developed by the hardware companies themselves, they will not be covered by hardware companies' support team, this is where programmable keyboard and mouse come in. With built-in programmablility, the software of these keyboard and mouse will be supported by the manufacturers, and some of these keyboard and mouse even come with added features in hardware levels (for example, macro keys).

Nowadays there are many programmable keyboard and mouse in the market. Computer accessories manufacturer Havit provides a series of programmable keyboard and mouse , and one of the most popular models would be HAVIT MS963WB programmable mouse, providing macro programming ability, as well as 3 connection modes, removable honeycomb shell design, and 6 RGB light modes.


Hope the 8 macro recorder we have covered here can help you avoid repetitive works and focus on the works that require creativity. Computer are getting smarter and smarter every day, so let them do the boring tasks, we do the fun ones!

Would you like to share your ideas about macro recorders? Please let us know in the comment.


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