Introduction of HAVIT HV-KB378L Mechanical Keyboard (Multiple Photos)

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The style of the HV-KB378L Mechanical Keyboard matches the rest of my setup, with its sleek black finished on the top side of the keyboard, which has its own lights which are bright blue. The keyboard performs very well in everything I threw at it. A very nice keyboard. On the underside of the keyboard there is two feet which you can flip out that will raise the keyboard up, and of course you can sit it back down if you prefer it like that. I tend to use the keyboard like this as it makes it easier for my fingers when I type. I like my keyboards to be very durability and this one is design very well, with an metal finish on the top which feels tough as so the hard plastic casing on the bottom. The keyboard isn’t flimsy or light, it’s heavy. It feels like it can handle my heavy usage for a very long time. That pesky windows key, always get me killed in games, when I get sent to desktop, The one most useful feature is being able to turn that key off with an simple FN+ windows key.The package of HV-KB378L mechanical keyboard The package of HV-KB378L mechanical keyboard. Photo by Gary ZhangAppearance of HV-KB378L mechanical keyboard Appearance of HV-KB378L mechanical keyboard. Photo by Gary ZhangOverview of HV-KB378L mechanical keyboard Overview of HV-KB378L mechanical keyboard. Photo by Gary Zhang

LED Backlits

The fact that this keyboard has a back light is a very good thing, because I tend to do a bit of late gaming and sometimes stream movies, with the lights off. Being able to see the keys in the dark helps. The lighting is breath enough to see in the dark, if you want to tone it down, you can. Now the back-light function has many different modes, with different patterns, ranging from colors moving from the left to the right, to moving away from the center or multi-times from hitting the keys. Other mode have a pattern that lights up like an lighting strike and stays lit for an couple of seconds before dimming. Works while you typing as well, which makes for a good show. Some of the modes color can be brighten or darken too. Also there are others that have more than one mode when pressed again. Another setting which I currently using which I find neat, is being able to set each and every key its own color, which is my favorite mode so far besides the mode that you see when you first plug in the keyboard which moves the 7 different colors across the keyboard like an rainbow. Every one of these modes is easy to access and it takes seconds to set it to your liking.Backlit Mode 4 (FN+Delete). Backlit Mode 4 (FN+Delete). Photo by Gary ZhangLight up as you type (FN+End). Light up as you type (FN+Page Down). Photo by Gary ZhangSet back light color of each individual key (FN+End) Set back light color of each individual key (FN+End). Photo by Gary Zhang


Typing Experience

Typist will benefit from the keyboard. I type very fast myself, and this keyboard handles my speed without slowing me down, it even improved my typing speed. When I press a key it registered as a hit. No more typing words only to have a typo just because the keyboard didn’t detect the key as being hit. Usually when I use a keyboard so long the keys wear out quick. With this keyboard I feel the key-caps will last a long time. The keyboard can be customized by the user by either changing the color's to match your desktop theme or changing the key-caps to your liking. Every single key on the keyboard can be removed including the arrow keys very DIY friendly. The hand rest is very conformable to type on. Normally my wrist would sit on the desk and would start to get tired and hurt. With this hand rest I can sit my wrist down and keep going without them getting tired. It did not take me long to get used to the keyboard, although this was my first mechanical keyboard that I ever used. So far I like it a lot more than any other keyboard I had in the past. Otemu Blue Switch of HV-KB378L Mechanical Keyboard. Otemu Blue Switch of HV-KB378L Mechanical Keyboard. Photo by GarySpace bar switch of HV-KB378L mechanical keyboard. Space bar switch of HV-KB378L mechanical keyboard. Photo by Gary ZhangLarge hand rest of HV-KB378L mechanical keyboard Large hand rest. Photo by Gary Zhang

Gaming Experience

The KB378L keyboard is a gaming theme keyboard with a wide range of features that are useful to gamers like me. I personally play a lot of different games, and when I do, I needed a keyboard that can handle my heavy usage, my button pressing and some times more than one button. What I found with this keyboard is it helps me game, because the mechanical keys on this keyboard are very well done. They are really easy to press and use, they doesn’t take much to press them. Magic Eagle Logo of HV-KB378L mechanical keyboard Magic Eagle Logo. Photo by Gary Zhang

Multimedia Keys

Sometimes when I am listening to music and have to mute, I would usually manually click the pause button on the player. The media keys are very useful as I can just simply do it from the keyboard. Using the Function key and the pause key which is the F7 key, if I am ready to listen pressing the combo again will resume the song. All of the media keys are in a hand reach which is really good. With older keyboards I had I would have to reach on over on the other side of the keyboard just to do it.Keys of HV-KB378L. Keys of HV-KB378L. Photo by Gary Zhang


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