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HAVIT HV-MP851 RGB Mouse Pad with 7 Adjustable LED Color Modes

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Speed, control, and pinpoint accuracy, which are the basic requirements needed for any player who wants to have a good gaming experience, are achieved with the HAVIT HV-MP851 RGB Mouse Pad. The micro-textured surface feature makes it possible for every move of the mouse pad to produce the precision required to play an action-packed game. With the USB Power Cable Switch Control, all the control you need to manage the 7 colors which are adjustable and the 7 RGB lighting effects are made possible and accessible through the buttons which can be found on the USB Cable.

Adjustable RGB Lighting
By pressing either of two buttons, It is possible to switch from one lighting effect through the 7 of them and have them saved on the EEPROM Memory chipset. The first button has 7 colors mode with six colors. With the second button, you get the 7 RGB LED Lighting effects modes with six modes. When you switch buttons, the lighting effect changes and stores on the EEPROM Memory chipset.

7 single-color modes (Button 1): 6-color mode, Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue and Pink.

7 RGB LED lighting effect modes (Button 2): Fixed 6-Color mode, Breathing mode, Clockwise Stream mode, Simultaneous Stream mode,  Counter Clockwise Stream mode, Breathing 6-Color mode, and Light Off mode.

Micro-textured Surface
This feature enables the Mouse Pad to achieve the balance between speed and accuracy required. The effortless speed and the pinpoint accuracy are made possible due to the micro-textured finish of the Mouse Pad. With the consistent surface, the mouse moves quite easily making the cursor to achieve the pinpoint accuracy that makes the gaming experience more enjoyable. Precision is achieved while playing action games.

USB power cable switch control
Easy to control the 7 colors and 7 RGB lighting effect modes via the buttons on the USB cable. The HV-MP851 is Plug and play, that means no driver's needed. The last lighting setting will be Automatically stored.

Easy-to-clean Material
The surface of the HV-MP851 RGB Mouse Pad is made with waterproof material. The dust-proof feature prevents the accumulation of dust, making the mouse pad easy to clean.

Anti-Skid Feet
The anti-skid feet helps to keep the HV-MP851 RGB Mouse Pad in place. With a waterproof covering, an anti-skid is required, or else the slippery nature of the waterproof will cause the Mouse Pad to move out of its own volition. When you are playing an action-duel game, what you require most is speed, control, and precision to win, instead of unnecessary slippery.

• Operating Voltage: DC5V
• Single color lighting effect working current: ≤130mA@5V
• Color fixed lighting effect for 6 zones working current: ≤100mA@5V
• 6 Colors lighting effect for 6 zones working current: ≤120mA@5V
• Product Size: 354*243*5.8mm(13.9x 9.5x 0.2 inch)
• Net weight: 495g(17.46oz)
• Cable length: 1800±20mm

Package included:
-1x HV-MP851 RGB Mouse Pad
-1x User manual

  • 7 Adjustable RGB LED lighting modes
  • Micro-textured surface
  • Switch control
  • Waterproof

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