HAVIT MS733 RGB 可編程遊戲鼠標(2020 版)


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  • 7 種 RGB 背光模式
  • 6 DPI 級別,高達 4800
  • 可通過軟件編程
  • 符合人體工程學,持久耐用



RGB 背光

用 7 種 RGB 色彩效果點燃您的遊戲熱情:呼吸模式;七彩流媒體模式;彩虹模式;浮光燈模式;華爾茲模式; 4季模式; LED 關閉。一鍵切換效果。

6 DPI級別

HAVIT MS733 RGB可編程遊戲鼠標的6 DPI級別可讓您調整鼠標的瞬間速度。只需按下 DPI 按鈕即可獲得不同的遊戲場景。 DPI 級別為 800-1600-2400-3200-4000-4800。每個級別都有其顏色:800DPI(綠色)、1600DPI(紫色)、2400DPI(藍色)、3200DPI(紅色)、4000(青色)、4800(黃色)


< p>使用我們的編程驅動程序調整按鈕或 DPI 顏色的功能。


符合人體工學的外形可在長時間玩電腦遊戲時提供舒適的握持感。優質親膚 ABS 材料有助於減少手汗並延長游戲時間


  • 接口類型:USB
  • 尺寸: 132*68*42.5mm
  • 鍵數:7
  • 分辨率:800-1600-2400-3200-4000-4800 DPI
  • 鍵壽命:3,000,000次
  • 電纜長度:1.8m
  • 兼容性:Windows 2000/2003/ Win7 / 8 /10/ Vista/ ME/ Mac OS/ Linux


  • 接口類型:USB
  • 尺寸:132*68*42.5mm
  • 按鍵數:7
  • 分辨率:800-1600-2400 -3200-4000-4800 DPI
  • 按鍵壽命:3,000,000 次
  • 線纜長度:1.8m
  • 兼容性:Windows 2000/2003/ Win7 / 8 /10 / Vista/ ME/ Mac OS/ Linux

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Brandon (Rockville, US)
mouse driver

the mouse is great but when i open the driver it just says waiting to reconnect device any tips for this

Ruston (Hurricane, US)
Waste of money

Scroll wheel stopped working only like a week after buying it, now i’m a couple months in and the mouse already is unresponsive. Waste of money i’ve had better mouses for cheaper from walmart


We felt sincerely sorry for the situation, If your HAVIT product isn't working properly, please contact our world-class: https://www.prohavit.com/pages/contact-us, friendly tech support team for quick and easy solutions.

HAVIT Support Team

Teddy L.
the software dosnt work

the software just keeps saying finding device, but overall pretty good

The download website

if you are looking for the software https://www.havit.hk/downloads/ use Control F and put your model so you would write MS-733 hope this helped

I’ve been using it for a while and it works perfectly.... just over all great mouse

Great for people with big hands

“pRoGrAmMaBlE mOuSe”

everytime i plug it in the mouse turns on the 30 seconds later it completely stops moving the cursor but lets me click stuff

Josiah H. (Mebane, US)
How to get the driver.

Hello. I want to review this product and also let people know how to get the driver for the mouse. First off, this product is really reliable and easy to use. I really enjoy using this for doing homework because it has a nice feel to it, a lot of mice I have had in the past felt weird in my hand and were kind of slippery. I got the mouse and keyboard combo and I just want to say, the keyboard is amazing. All in all, I really like the way the mouse feels and it's sturdiness. However, I do recommend using a mousepad with it because, I don't know if it's the same for everyone, but the mouse would fly across the screen at random moments and that was kind of annoying. But with a mousepad, I had no problems. Anyways, here is the link to the downloads and if you press the control(ctrl), or if your on mac command, button along with the f key, you can type in whatever model your mouse/keyboard is (usually on the bottom) you should be able to find it and then click download. https://www.havit.hk/downloads/

nicolas (Hialeah, US)

i bought this mouse with a keyboard combo and it works great and it perfectly fits my big hands would recommend

Ethan (Southampton, US)
Great Quality

Amazing mouse! The mouse fits my big hands and the lets me know what DPI I am on with color. I recommend buying it because it is great. The mouse works fine. All you need to do is plug it in! I just do not know how to get the app.

Austin D. (Mesa, US)
ok mouse

i bought this mouse with a keyboard combo and the mouse is ok the only reason i say its ok is because every time i scroll the mouse wheel rubs on the mouse and makes this horrible squeaking noise but other than that its a good mouse great for budget especially with the combo get a ok mouse and a great keyboard

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