GoMechanicalKeyboard.com: HAVIT HV-KB389L RGB Review

GoMechanicalKeyboard.com recently published a review for HAVIT HV-KB389L Mechanical keyboard, and rated it 9.1 point out of 10. To read the [...]

August 15th, 2016|

Heavy.com: Top 10 Best Cheap Mechanical Keyboards of 2016

August 11th, 2016|

Heavy.com recently nominated HV-KB378L Mechanical Keyboard as one of the best cheap mechanical keyboards of 2016. To read more about this article, visit http://heavy.com/tech/2016/07/top-best-cheap-mechanical-keyboard-gaming-cherry/ . Quote: "The HV-KB378L should be a [...]

Heavy.com: Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headsets of 2016

August 10th, 2016|

Heavy.com recently nominated HV-H922BT Bluetooth Headset as one of  the top 10 best Bluetooth headset of 2016. To read more about the article, visit http://heavy.com/tech/2016/08/top-best-bluetooth-wireless-headsets-handsfree-earpiece-wireless-price-2016/ Quote: "Even if nothing else impresses [...]

Introducing HAVIT HV-KB389L Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Photo Review)

July 27th, 2016|

If you search for mechanical gaming keyboard in the market, you'll notice most of them are black or dark color, including ours. However, not everyone is fan of black, some people, [...]

Amazon Prime Day: What Is It And What Great Deals HAVIT Will Offer

July 8th, 2016|

For those who don’t aware of it yet, Amazon is holding a big Shopping Festival called Prime Day on July 12, 2016, which will be as huge as Black Friday! [...]

Introducing HAVIT HV-KB533BT Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker (Multiple Photos)

June 30th, 2016|

Going outdoor on the weekend? It will be awesome just to think about it: hiking, biking, jogging, or picnicking among the green forest or next to the blue ocean. But [...]

8 Free Macro Recorder that Automate Your Traditional Mouse and Keyboard

June 23rd, 2016|

Have you ever tried to copy and paste hundreds of paragraphs over and over again? Or asking your character in games to attack the same target or go to the same [...]


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