How much does shipping cost? And how long does it takes?

Shipping Options

OptionsApply toShipping Time*Cost
Free Domestic ShippingUS, UK, Canada, Russia, Australia4-7 Business Days (US, UK, Canada, Australia)
4-10 Business Days (Russia)
Domestic Express ShippingUS, UK, Canada
& EU Countries (excl. Croatia)
2-3 Business Days (US, UK, Canada)
4-7 Business Days(EU Countries excl. Croatia)
Free International ShippingAll shipping countries & area**4-7 Business Days (Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan)

7-15 Business Days (US, UK, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Spain)

10-15 Business Days (Canada)

15-39 Business Days (Other Countries)

International Express ShippingAll shipping countries & area***4-15 Business DaysVaries

*Shipping time stated is estimation, and is not guaranteed

**Not available for oversized products (e.g. HV-KB558CM)

***Not available for products that contain batteries (e.g. G1 Series, HV-BT018), except for shipping to the US, UK, Canada, EU and Australia

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