Are the tax and tariff covered in the product price?

As there are different tax and tariff regulations in different countries, tax and tariff are not covered in the product price, and you may have to pay for them. For international orders, you don’t need to pay for them up front, and you will only need to pay for them if the carrier ask you to when the product arrives. For orders shipped within European Union, you will need to pay 20% of VAT at the checkout.

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  1. Lars 24/10/2017 at am2:18 - Reply

    I fear to pay tax twice, first at the checkout and then one more time when the product arrives the customs of my country (Switzerland).
    With which carrier do you work together? How do you ensure that I don’t have to pay taxes twice?
    Thank you very much, Best Regards, Lars

    • Support Havit 25/10/2017 at am11:21 - Reply

      Hi Lars,

      For free international shipping, we will use China Post. For international express shipping, we will use DHL, EMS or Fedex

      If you are charged twice by the customs, please contact us and provide proof of being charge (e.g. photos of invoice or receipt), and we will provide refund.

      HAVIT Support Team

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