HAVIT KB487L TKL Mechanical Keyboard with 89 Keys PBT Keycaps

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89-key TKL Mechanical Keyboard

HAVIT KB487L TKL mechanical keyboard with 89-key design, saves space on the premise of preserving commonly used number keys. Perfect for office and games. NumLock key is Fn + Backspace, Home is Shift+7; End is Shift+1; Del is Shift + ".". Combination key: Shift + 0~9.

Colorful PBT Keycaps

With unique high-quality PBT keycaps, which have excellent wear resistance, can be used for a long time. You no longer need to worry about missing or frayed letters.

Red Switches Mechanical Keyboard

HAVIT KB487L TKL mechanical keyboard with durability of 50 million times, and the sound is quiet when the button is pressed lightly,easier to click and well meet the needs of gaming and typing. Very popular in the office and games!


The design based on ergonomics effectively reduces the burden on the wrist.


The keybaord compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Mac OS and other systems.


8 Multimedia Keys Fn+1~F8 Function Keys Fn+F10~F12, Shift + 0~9

Num Lock Key: the key’s backlight keeps being on when the number pad is working, and the backlight is off when the number pad is unworking.

1.Press FN+Num Lock to turn on the Num Lock (the key's backlight is on), and the number pad lights on and is functional.

2.Press FN+Num Lock once again to turn off the Num Lock (the key's backlight is off), and the number pad lights off and has no function, but the keys of HOEM, PGUP, PGDN, END and DEL are functional.

What They Say

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  • Anti-Ghosting: N Key Rollover
  • Cable Length: 1.5m
  • Dimensions: 358.5*130.5*40.5mm
  • Exchangable Keycaps: Yes
  • Key Life: 50,000,000 times(keyboard)
  • Keyboard Type: Mechanical
  • Material: PBT
  • Number of Keys: 89
  • Operating Current: ≤250mA
  • Operating Voltage: 5+/- 0.25V
  • Switch Type: Jixian Red (Linear)
  • Weight: 1.05 kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Al-Radi W.
Great compact keyboard

Overall really delighted with KB and it's the once I use every day. ONYA HAVIT! (Onya is Australian for "good on you"). 1) Keyboard is compact, which makes it really practical on desk. But it means I have to consciously not spread my fingers or I make typos. 2) I don't know what cherry red feels like, but the havit keys are nice to type on. 3) build quality is very good. 4) wish usb cable was detachable to make it easier to transport - it's small enough to take to work.

Carlos O.
Better than expected!

Context: I'm a programmer and part-type gamer. I have other 3 mechanical keyboards. This red switches feels confortable while programming, smooth and the sound is quiet with compared with other similars. The response while gaming is good, I know could be better kbs for gamming, but, common! for this price the quality is astonishing! I bought this for just gaming, but now I use it as my regular keyboard. At first I missed my accuracy for the numpad layout, but takes me like one week to get used to it and manage to programming very confortable. Gift yourself this keyboard, is cheap compared with others with the same quality, is pretty (for those like me who likes nostalgic/vintage features) and save space with the numpad layout.

Awesome keyboard

Well...I got to say this is the best keyboard I ever used. Perfect for gaming and work. Really recommend buying it.


I have an extremely difficult time typing on my laptop: bought this keyboard and it turns out I just need sound and tactility. This keyboard is quite loud and clicky - which I LOVE. I am having so much fun using it. I will be using it for writing, web development, and some gaming. I am extremely happy with my purchase.

James T.
Don't even read the reviews of those who give it less 5 stars.

I can't think of any other product more deserving of its price. It's by far the best keyboard I've ever had the pleasure of typing on at this price point. Flawless.

Very good i am satisfied with my purchase

Not to loud not to quiet

Not P.N.P.
HAVIT KB487L TKL Mechanical Keyboard with 89 Keys PBT Keycaps

HAVIT KB487L TKL Mechanical Keyboard with 89 Keys PBT Keycaps

Sarah I.
good for what you pay for

i love the switches and dont find any difficulty with the keys themselves. many reviews talk about the poor keycaps, and while this may be the case, the keycaps are easily removable and cheap to replace. i haven't found any issues with them yet, however.

for red switches, the keys are quite loud, so if you are looking for a silent keyboard, try something like black, grey, or silent red switches.

the only issue ive found is turning on the num-pad backlight. pressing fn+numlock isn't doing anything for me like the instructions say, so if anybody finds out how pls let me know!

overall, great keyboard especially for the price.

Timothy R.
Perfect, except...

The product is pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

The color scheme is great and the key layout makes the keyboard smaller without having to tradeoff between some function keys or the numpad.

The only real issue I have with this is that the font color of the orange keycaps make it really hard to read sometimes but to be honest, that's a rather minor problem given my overall satisfaction with this keyboard.

The other thing I would like to say is that if you ever release a product that is exactly the same except the usb cord is detacheable I would for sure buy that even if I already bought this!!

William H.
Super keyboard

Lovely feel to the keyboard. The coloured keycaps look classier than a standard keyboard.
Amazing international delivery from the store , many thanks.

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