HAVIT HV-KB380L Semi-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with RGB Backlits

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  • Update: 8 RGB backlits modes are added since August 2017
  • Mechanical-similar typing/gaming experience
  • Removeable keycaps
  • 8 sets of anti-ghosting combination keys
  • Multimedia keys


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Mechanical-Like Keystrokes

HAVIT HV-KB380L Semi-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard provides keystrokes that similar to, or even better than mechanical keyboard, giving you a brand new typing/gaming experience.

Flexible DIY keycaps

Removable keycaps is supported for DIY , constructed with floating keys, mechanical-similar typing/gaming experience

8 sets of anti-ghosting combination keys

8 sets of anti-ghosting combination keys, it makes no conflict when each set of these keys is conducted.

8 kinds of RGB light modes (Since August 2017)

6 areas backlight customization supports. Backlit can be turn off, 4 levels of backlit brightness

Backlit Brightness Adjustment

Press FN+Page UP to increase backlit brightness-0%–33%–66%–100%(default), FN+Page Down to decrease backlit brightness -100%(default)–66%–33%–0%

10 breathing rate options available

Press Fn+”-” to slow down the breathing rate, and Fn + “+” to speed up the breathing rate

Multi Media Keys

Easy-to-reach multimedia keys, Fn + F1-F12, provides multimedia controls for entertainment and email. Windows Key lock for gaming,

Gold plated USB interface guarantees efficient and stable data transmission

HAVIT HV-KB380L Semi-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a plug & play keyboard that there is no driver needed


EAN: 6950676272291
Dimension:446.9mm x (W) 149.3mm x (H) 40.5 mm
Operating force :60±15g
Key number: 104 keys;
Travel(Total): 4.0±0.3mm
Net weight: 1232g
Operating Voltage: 5V
Operating Current: 300mA
Cable length :1800mm
Compatible with Windows Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10, MAC,Linux

Product Comparison

SwitchKailh PG1350 Blue SwitchOtemu Blue SwitchN/AN/AN/A
Number of Keys104 / 87104104104104
Exchangable KeycapsYes (Low Profile Keycaps)YesYesNoNo
Keyboard Thickness0.89 Inch (22.5mm)1.6 Inch (40.64mm)1.57 Inch (40mm)0.8 Inch (20.32mm)1.5 Inch (38mm)
BacklitRGB / LED, CustomizableRGB, CustomizableRGB, CustomizableLED, Non-CustomizableLED, Non-Customizable
MaterialAluminum Alloy coverAluminum Alloy coverMetal coverPlasticMetal cover
Multimedia FunctionsNoYesYesYesYes
Anti-GhostingN Key RolloverN Key RolloverUp to 20 Keys Rollover19 Keys Rollover19 Keys Rollover
Other FeaturesDetachable USB CableN/AMechanical-Like KeystrokesMouse ProvidedMouse Provided


How to Use

Connecting With Your Computer

  1. Turn your computer on.
  2. Insert the USB interface of HV-KB380L keyboard into a USB port of your computer (better choose the USB port locating on the back of the chassis instead of those on the front)
  3. Wait 1 minute, and your keyboard will automatically read by your computer with no extra driver needed.

(Note: HV-KB380L is a plug & play keyboard that there is no driver needed.)


8 sets of Anti-ghosting Combination Keys (Will not cause conflict when each set of these keys is conducted)

  1. Tab+Caps+Shift+Ctrl+Q+W+E+R+T+A+S+D+F+G+Z+X+C+V+B+Space (20 Key)
  2. Q+W+E+R+T+Y+U+I+O+P+Space (11 Key)
  3. A+S+D+F+G+H+J+K+L+; +Space (11 Key)
  4. Z+X+C+V+B+N+M+,+.+/+SpaceBack  (11 Key)
  5. TAB+CAPS+Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Q+W+E+A+S+D+Z+X+C   (14 Key)
  6. TAB+CAPS+Shift+Ctrl+Space+Q+W+E+A+S+D+F+G+Z+X+C+↑+ ←+ ↓+→ (20 Key)
  7. Shift-L+Shift-R+Ctrl-L+Ctrl-R+Alt-L+Alt-R+Space+↑+ ←+ ↓+→ (11 Key)
  8. A+S+D+F+J+K+L+;+SpaceBack   (9  Key)

Function keys

  • Fn+F1: Music player
  • Fn+F2: Volume –
  • Fn+F3: Volume +
  • Fn+F4:Mute
  • Fn+F5: Previous Song
  • Fn+F6:Next Song
  • Fn+F7: Play/Pause
  • Fn+F8: Stop
  • Fn+F9: Email
  • Fn+F10: Web/Home
  • Fn+F11: Key Lock
  • Fn+F12: Favorite
  • Fn+W: Exchange A, S, D, W with ←、↓、→、↑
  • FN+Q: It could be changed to 60 bytes/s by pressing once.
  • Fn+Win Key: Lock/Unlock Win key
  • FN+Page UP: Increase backlit brightness 0%–33%–66%–100%(default)
  • FN+Page Down: Decrease backlit brightness 100%(default) –66%–33%–0%
  • Fn+ – : Slow down the breathing rate
  • Fn+ + : Speed up the breathing rate

Troubleshooting Steps

  1.  Insert the USB cable into another USB port of the computer.
  2. If you were using a USB hub, try connecting the keyboard directly with your computer.
  3. It would be better to plug it into USB ports locating on the back of the chassis instead of those on the front
  4. Check USB hub for foreign objects or dust
  5. Unplug and reinsert the USB connector
  6. Restart the computer.
  7. If you are using a laptop, please keep your laptop connected with power supply.

If you try all the troubleshooting steps and doesn’t work, just feel free to contact us via [email protected] and give us a chance to help you.

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Additional information

Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions44.4 × 14.6 × 4 cm

Backlit Customization


Backlit Type

Cable Length


Detachable Cable


Exchangable Keycaps


Keyboard Type

Membrane (Semi-Mechanical)



Multimedia Functions

Email, Favorite, Homepage, Media player, Mute, Next Track, Play/Pause, Previous Track, Stop, Volume Down, Volume Up, Win Key Lock

Number of Keys

Product Thickness



Switch Type

This product is not working properly, help!2017-11-03T17:33:47+00:00

Please try the following methods to solve your problem:
1. If you are using USB devices (keyboard or mouse, for example) on your desktop PC, please plug in the device with the USB ports on the back of the PC, instead with the front ones.
2. Please use the device on a different computer to see if the problem happens on different computers as well. If the problem is solved on the other computer, then the problem has to do with your original computer itself.
3. If none of these method works, please contact us.

How can I program this product?2017-11-03T17:29:47+00:00

This product is not programmable, however, there might be third party software that can program Plug & Play product like this one, so please search for these software on Google.

Does this product require driver / Where can I find the driver of this product?2017-11-03T17:19:52+00:00

This product is Plug & Play, it means once you plug in the product, it will be installed on your computer automatically, so you don’t need a driver for this product.

If for some reason the product was not installed properly the first time you plug in the device, please follow this guide to update or reinstall the driver (This guide is for Windows 10, but it applies to other Windows systems too): https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/instantanswers/ad5a063e-5f57-c715-2566-b983195752c1/update-drivers-in-windows-10

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