HAVIT HV-KB558CM Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Rainbow Backlit)

HAVIT HV-KB558CM Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Rainbow Backlit)

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  • LED light on Keyboard and mouse
  • 19 anti-ghosting keys on keyboard
  • Multimedia function keys on keyboard
  • Mouse: magnetic ring + gold plated plug + woven cord
  • Up to 2400 of mouse DPI


What They Say

HAVIT HV-KB558CM Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo comes with a 104 standard keys gaming keyboard and a breathing LED gaming mouse.


  • Professional gaming keyboard design, adjustable multicolor LED
  • 2-level high-strength supporting foot
  • 19 anti-ghosting keys, enable free control
  • The gaming keyboard can auto sleep if it is not in use for 10 minutes. To reactive, just press any key.
  • Switching WASD keys and Arrow keys: Press FN+W to activate / deactivate this feature


  • Micro switches provide crisp, firm clicks
  • Magnetic ring + gold plated plug + woven cord assure the accuracy and steady of the optical orientation
  • 4 color breathing light of mouse: Red, Blue, Purple, Pink; Light-off mode: forward/back button +DPI



  • Interface: USB
  • Keyboard Size:48.45*20.75*3.2cm
  • Number of Keys: 104
  • Key Lifetime:10000000 times
  • Cable Length: about 150cm
  • Net weight: 758g
  • Current: 200mA
  • Voltage: 5V


  • Interface:USB
  • Buttons:6
  • Cable Length: about 160cm
  • Resolution:800/1200/1600/2400DPI
  • Mouse Size:13*7*4cm
  • Buttons: Forward/back/left/right/scroll wheel/DPI button

Product Comparison

HV-KB395L / HV-KB390L HV-KB378L HV-KB380L HV-KB558CM X11
Type Mechanical Mechanical Membrane Membrane Membrane
Switch Kailh PG1350 Blue Switch Otemu Blue Switch N/A N/A N/A
Number of Keys 104 / 87 104 104 104 104
Exchangable Keycaps Yes (Low Profile Keycaps) Yes Yes No No
Keyboard Thickness 0.89 Inch (22.5mm) 1.6 Inch (40.64mm) 1.57 Inch (40mm) 0.8 Inch (20.32mm) 1.5 Inch (38mm)
Backlit RGB / LED, Customizable RGB, Customizable RGB, Customizable LED, Non-Customizable LED, Non-Customizable
Material Aluminum Alloy cover Aluminum Alloy cover Metal cover Plastic Metal cover
Multimedia Functions No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Ghosting N Key Rollover N Key Rollover Up to 20 Keys Rollover 19 Keys Rollover 19 Keys Rollover
Other Features Detachable USB Cable N/A Mechanical-Like Keystrokes Mouse Provided Mouse Provided

HAVIT Global Market

Additional information

Weight 0.894 kg
Dimensions 17.8 x 10.2 x 2.5 cm



US Layout, UK Layout, German Layout

Can I change the LED color of the keyboard? 2017-11-02T14:44:13+00:00

The LED of this keyboard is not customizable, however you can change the backlit mode from marquee to breathing, and even turn it off. Please refer to the manual of the product for instructions.

Are the multimedia keys (home/email/computer etc.) work on Mac as well? 2017-11-02T14:40:31+00:00

While the keyboard can be used on Mac, the multimedia keys, however, do not work on Mac.

Are the letters of the keys illuminated as well? 2017-11-02T14:38:04+00:00

Unfortunately the letters on the keycaps are not transparent, so the light cannot go through.

My WASD has switched itself. How can I fix it? 2017-11-02T14:35:15+00:00

To switch wasd keys and arrow keys, please presss FN + W .

Can I physically switch keys to make a different layout? 2017-11-02T14:32:35+00:00

As the keycaps of the keyboard is not switchable, therefore you cannot physically switch the keys of the keyboard.

How do I turn off the sleep mode for the HV-KB558CM keyboard? 2017-11-02T14:31:16+00:00

Unfortunately the sleep feature cannot be turned off.

How do I change the DPI? 2017-11-03T17:04:14+00:00

To change DPI, simply press the DPI button (the one next to the middle mouse wheel).

This product is not working properly, help! 2017-11-03T17:33:47+00:00

Please try the following methods to solve your problem:
1. If you are using USB devices (keyboard or mouse, for example) on your desktop PC, please plug in the device with the USB ports on the back of the PC, instead with the front ones.
2. Please use the device on a different computer to see if the problem happens on different computers as well. If the problem is solved on the other computer, then the problem has to do with your original computer itself.
3. If none of these method works, please contact us.

How can I program this product? 2017-11-03T17:29:47+00:00

This product is not programmable, however, there might be third party software that can program Plug & Play product like this one, so please search for these software on Google.

Does this product require driver / Where can I find the driver of this product? 2017-11-03T17:19:52+00:00

This product is Plug & Play, it means once you plug in the product, it will be installed on your computer automatically, so you don’t need a driver for this product.

If for some reason the product was not installed properly the first time you plug in the device, please follow this guide to update or reinstall the driver (This guide is for Windows 10, but it applies to other Windows systems too): https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/instantanswers/ad5a063e-5f57-c715-2566-b983195752c1/update-drivers-in-windows-10

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