HAVIT HV-MS735 MMO Gaming Mouse with 12000 DPI, 19 Programmable Keys, LED

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  • Top-notch gaming chipset (Pixart 3360)
  • 19 Programmable buttons – 19 in-game skills at your fingertips
  • Up to 12000 DPI (no interpolation) – Fast movement for advanced gamers
  • Dedicated color for each DPI level – personalize your gear
  • Built-in memory & macro settings – your settings on-the-go


In the digital world, your mouse is your hand, and when it comes to gaming, you would definitely need a powerful, yet surgically precise “hand” to maximize your talent. With HV-MS735 MMO Gaming Mouse, not only can you enjoy the ease of releasing multiple skills with just one hand, but also can you aim or move faster and more precise than opponents, giving you unfair advantage in not just MMORPG, but also FPS,  MOBA, ACT, RPG, and more.

19 programmable keys
With 19 programmable buttons (including 12 macro keys on the side of mouse) , you can assign different functions to the buttons HAVIT HV-MS735 MMO Gaming Mouse via the driver. To go better and faster control program single and combined key commands.

Macro Setting and Memory Function
The unique macro setting allows you to easily organize your key binds and character abilities easily for any game by enabling you to fully remap and assign macros to 12 buttons via driver.
Built-in memory function to save the setting of your mouse, provide with different programming mode for different using and different users.

12000DPI optical sensor
Make the right moves with up to 7 DPI settings that take you from pixel-precise targeting (500 DPI) to lightning-fast maneuvers (up to 12000 DPI)via the software,enables freely switching in your game.

Strong compatibility
Compatible with Windows2000, ME, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10, MAC, Linux (Programming functionality not available on Mac and Linux)

What you get

  • 1*HAVIT HV-MS735 MMO Gaming Mouse
  • 1*diver user manual
  • 1*mini CD


  • Sensor: Pixart 3360
  • DPI: 500/1000 (default) /1500/ 2000/4000/8000/12000 (can be adjusted among DPI via software)
  • Programming: Supported by software
  • Buttons: 19
  • With driver: Yes
  • Sensor Type: Optical
  • Report rate: 500Hz
  • Interface: USB
  • Maximum acceleration: 50G
  • Frame rate:12000FPS
  • Cable length: 1.8 m
  • Compatible with Windows2000,ME,XP,Vista,Win7,Win8,Win10,MAC,Linux (Programming functionality not available on Mac and Linux)

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Additional information

Weight0.127 kg
Dimensions13 × 4.3 × 7.4 cm
Backlit Customization


Backlit Type

Cable Length


Maximum Acceleration


Number of Buttons

Polling Rate



Resolution (DPI)

1000, 12000, 1500, 2000, 4000, 500, 8000


Sensor Type

System Compatibility




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MMO mouse with many buttons but no profile switching functionality

The mouse was advertised to have internal memory that stores 5 user profiles. That might be the case, but the software is lackluster and is missing this functionality. So yea, if you're looking for a mouse that you'll use with more than one program, look somewhere else.


It's Honestly great

It's better than you'd expect everything is rock solid and made really really well, the side buttons are a bit stiff and the ergonomics are subjective,but I'm really happy

Ron B.

An Awsome Good Mouse

This mouse is really good, great for someone like me not willing to buy a $70+ razer mouse. In my opinion this is very close in quality for much less. Much better than my other multi-side button mice, which has broken down... this one I have been using this for a year, the side buttons still function perfectly and so do the main navigating buttons. They do offer refunds, but I don't think you'll want to after trying this mouse. Only few recommendations to improve the mouse, have the mouse feet connected to mouse as one piece, as the sticker collects dust as it glides around my mouse pad. Also have the dpi and side button lights customizable. I would love to maybe see a new version of this mouse with really clicky main navigation buttons like one of my old mouse. Keep the work up Havit!


Очень качественная Мышь

Очень качественная Мышь


TLDR: Among the best mice

TLDR: Among the best mice I've ever used, at a price much lower than most mice I've ever used. I've used many many different mice over the years. Since "MMO" style mice have come out, I've used the Rat7 and Razer Nagas. IMO, this mouse is as good or better. It fits my large hand well, even better than the customizable Rat7. It feels light, and the button clicks are good. The software is easy to use with all of the necessary configuration options. What could be better? It has 5 feet, but they don't feel quite as slippery as a Razer brand. The side buttons are a little small, making the bottom row difficult to use at first. They could be a little more forward on the mouse as well (big hands). My only other complaint is that the customizable lighting effects do not extend to the side buttons or DPI lights.

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DriversHow Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Increase Your Efficiency at Work
Does this product require a driver to run? And where I can find this driver?2017-11-30T10:40:49+00:00

While this product does not require a driver to run, it is recommended to install the driver to get extra features. You can either install the driver with the provided CD, or download it from http://www.havit.hk/downloads/

When I press and hold my left/right button and press one of the side button, the holding of my left/right button stops.2017-11-02T17:23:40+00:00

If the side button was assigned to a macro, it will stop the holding, however, if you just want to assign the side button to one of the keys on the keyboard (for example, side button 1 to Num 1 on keypad), then please use “Single Key” feature instead of a macro. It will not interfere the holding down of other buttons.

Is there extra weight inside of the mouse?2017-11-02T16:52:18+00:00

Yes, there are 14g of extra weight inside.

How do I change the LED color?2017-11-02T16:50:36+00:00

You can configure and change LED color by using the provided driver, which is in the provided CD or download from http://www.havit.hk/downloads/

Can I program the mouse on one computer, and then use it on another computer without installing the driver and programming it again?2017-11-02T16:47:18+00:00

The settings of the buttons will be stored inside of the mouse, so even if you use the mouse on a different computer, the setting will still remain the same, so you should be able to use your current setting on a different computer. But if you need to program the mouse on a different computer, you’ll need to install the programming software on that computer as well.

Why are the side buttons don’t do anything?2017-11-02T16:43:41+00:00

The side buttons by default do not come with any function, to use these buttons, you need to download and install the software from your driver CD or from http://www.havit.hk/downloads/ , and configure these buttons. If you configured them but they still won’ work, please contact us

Can the mouse be used on Mac?2017-11-02T16:41:13+00:00

Yes the mouse can be used on Mac, however there’s no Mac version of driver software to program the mouse. A temporary solution is to register the buttons on a Windows PC, then use the mouse on Mac, however, this is not a recommended way to use the mouse, as PC and Mac are two different OS, and not every functions on Windows is compatible on Mac, so please use this method at your discretion.

I installed the driver but it won’t run?2017-11-02T16:37:54+00:00

Currently there are two versions of software: in 1.1 (20160301) the software will display an icon on your desktop, and will pop up once the PC starts; and the 1.2 Beta (20160726) will have the icon shown on the system tray on the task bar, so please check your desktop or your system tray to find the icon. If for some reason the software won’t start, please uninstall the software completely (including manually delete the folder of the driver after the uninstall), and then reinstall the software.

To make sure the software is not blocked by anti-virus software by mistake, please deactivate anti-virus software when installing the software.

I tried to assign number pad keys to my side buttons, but did not succeed? (I use German layout keyboard)2017-11-02T16:35:37+00:00

As the English version software only recognizes English name of the keys, it will not recognize key names in other language. If that’s the case, please change the layout of the keyboard to English in Windows setting.

Does this mouse support Linux?2017-11-02T16:26:09+00:00

Originally the mouse can be used in Linux, but can not be programmed. But with the help of third party developers, you can now use the open sourced configuration utility for linux to program the mouse. (Thanks to Pavel Bludov)

How do I change the DPI?2017-11-03T17:04:14+00:00

To change DPI, simply press the DPI button (the one next to the middle mouse wheel).

This product is not working properly, help!2017-11-03T17:33:47+00:00

Please try the following methods to solve your problem:
1. If you are using USB devices (keyboard or mouse, for example) on your desktop PC, please plug in the device with the USB ports on the back of the PC, instead with the front ones.
2. Please use the device on a different computer to see if the problem happens on different computers as well. If the problem is solved on the other computer, then the problem has to do with your original computer itself.
3. If none of these method works, please contact us.

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