HAVIT Online Level Up Program

Want to upgrade your old HAVIT product? Now there's a new way to save your expense! When we release new products, we will email some lucky past customers who purchased similar product before and provide an exclusive discount code that allows them to upgrade their products and save money.

Who can join this program?

Will every customer receive email?

No,  as we only have limited inventory, we will only email some customers who purchased relevant products before.

How much the discount will be?

This discount amounts vary from product to product, but they will be very deep and  exclusive.

Do customers need to return the product in order to enjoy the discount?

No, previous customers can still keep their old product.

Why making this program?

Besides being a way to promote our new product, the Level Up Program is also our way to say thank you to our previous customers.

Can I apply for upgrading my product?

Yes, but we cannot guarantee we will send the codes to every applicants. To apply for a level up, please contact us. If you simply want to receive our deals and promotions, you can subscribe to our newsletters.

I don't want to receive emails, what can I do?

You can always click the unsubscribe link listed in the email to unsubscribe future emails.