How do I connect H2232D / H2011D Headset to PS4?

Usually it's plug and play; For some devices, before use both headset speaker and microphone you need to finish the settings first to activate t...

How do I connect H2232D / H2011D to Xbox Controller?

For XBOX One/ X controller new version, there is a 3mm audio jack, so you can just plug in the headset without the 2-1 splitter cable For XBOX One...

How do I connect H2232D / H2011D to Nintendo Switch?

Directly plug the 3.5mm cable into the Nintendo Switch, no driver is needed.

How do I connect H2232D / H2011D to PC or Laptop?

To connect to a PC, please use the provided 2-1 splitter cable, which is ONLY for PC/ Laptop, the one with red connector is for microphone and the ...

Why is the microphone not working?

Please make sure the software is correctly configured before using with the microphone.

How do I make the lights on H2232D or H2011D light up?

Please connect the headset to a USB power source. For connecting the headset with PS4/ XBOX/ Nintendo, you may need an extra power source like USB ...

How do I adjust the volume on H2232D / H2011D Headset?

You can adjust it with the adjustable volume control under the earmuff. If you have turn the volume to Max. on the device and it's still not loud e...

This product is not working properly, help!

Please try the following methods to solve your problem:1. If you are using USB devices (keyboard or mouse, for example) on your desktop PC, please ...

How can I program this product?

This product is not programmable, however, there might be third party software that can program Plug & Play product like this one, so please se...

Does this product require driver / Where can I find the driver of this product?

This product is Plug & Play, it means once you plug in the product, it will be installed on your computer automatically, so you don't need a d...