How do I change the DPI?

To change DPI, simply press the DPI button (the one next to the middle mouse wheel).

When I press and hold my left/right button and press one of the side button, the holding of my left/right button stops.

If the side button was assigned to a macro, it will stop the holding, however, if you just want to assign the side button to one of the keys on the...

Is there extra weight inside of the mouse?

Yes, there are 14g of extra weight inside.

How do I change the LED color of HV-MS735 mouse?

You can configure and change LED color by using the provided driver, which is in the provided CD or download from

Can I program HV-MS735 gaming mouse on one computer, and then use it on another computer without installing the driver and programming it again?

The settings of the buttons will be stored inside of the mouse, so even if you use the mouse on a different computer, the setting will still remain...

Why aren't the side buttons do anything?

The side buttons by default do not come with any function, to use these buttons, you need to download and install the software from your driver CD ...

Can the mouse be used on Mac?

Yes the mouse can be used on Mac, however there's no Mac version of driver software to program the mouse. A temporary solution is to register the b...

I installed the driver but it won't run?

Currently there are two versions of software: in 1.1 (20160301) the software will display an icon on your desktop, and will pop up once the PC sta...

I tried to assign number pad keys to my side buttons, but did not succeed? (I use German layout keyboard)

As the English version software only recognizes English name of the keys, it will not recognize key names in other language. If that's the case, pl...

Does this mouse support Linux?

Originally the mouse can be used in Linux, but can not be programmed. But with the help of third party developers, you can now use the open sourced...

This product is not working properly, help!

Please try the following methods to solve your problem:1. If you are using USB devices (keyboard or mouse, for example) on your desktop PC, please ...